A father went to the hospital with stomach pain. He left without his hands and feet

Kevin Breen contracted what is being termed by doctors as a “rare form of strep throat.” On Christmas day of last year, Breen began feeling sick. He’s 44 and in shape, at first indication, he didn’t think too much of the sickness. But eventually, he began having intense stomach pains, causing him to take whatever was ailing him a bit more serious. Two days following what seemed to be a flu and after the stomach pains had set in, Breen insisted on an emergency room visit.

His initial tests for strep and flu came back as negative. He was given pain pills and sent home with his wife, Julie.

“They just didn’t work,” the father of three told The Washington Post. “I felt worse the next morning, and I said, ‘We gotta go to the hospital’.”

Breen eventually ended up back in the hospital where he was diagnosed with a rare form of strep throat. The diagnosis only came after Breen had been put through exploratory surgery and been subject of a CT scan.

“They opened him up and found 1 ½ liters of infected pus in his abdominal region,” Julie Breen said.

“We met with the surgeon after surgery and she sat us down and said, ‘I’ve never seen this before and I don’t like it’,” Julie Breen added. “ ‘I don’t know what it is’.”

It was eventually determined that Breen’s son also had strep. The problem, according to doctors, was that Breen’s body was unable to defend against the bacteria. And that’s when things got worse. Breen ended up in septic shock.

“He had multi-system organ failure and needed a ventilator,” she said. “He had renal failure and acute kidney injury and liver injury and abnormalities in coagulation of his blood clotting. His blood pressure was so profoundly low, he pretty much required maximum doses of three medications to maintain it.”

Breen was put on a blood pressure medication to “keep him alive.” However, this same medication truncated blood flow to his hands and feet and this led to amputation.
A GoFundMe page has been set up for Kevin and his family as a way to help cover medical expenses.

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