A Tale of Two Treaties

“The prognosis is still quite poor that we’re going to get to a legally binding treaty that the US and every other country of substance in the world accepts in the coming two or even three years.” This quote reflected the likelihood of every country signing up for the World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Treaty. It is now being reported that hundreds of countries are signing up in droves.

And one country has certainly thrown its proverbial hat in the ring, and its people along with it. What country, you ask? Why, the United States, courtesy of Joe Biden. While Joe was visiting the Ukraine (instead of remaining in America on Presidents’ Day), his administration prepared to sign the legally binding agreement which would allow the WHO, not the US, to dictate our country’s policies during a pandemic. The WHO will make decisions regarding lockdowns, school closures, supply chains and administration of medical treatments such as and biologics.

Biden Creates A Treaty

Dr. Tenpenny first wrote about a proposed Treaty  here in May 2022, alerting all of us to the dangers of doing so. The issue is that if WHO has all the power to respond to a pandemic, and they have the power to predict (or create) the pandemic, they have all the power. James Grundvig wrote an op-ed piece about this called The Gates Contagion Formula detailing Bill Gates’ uncanny clairvoyant ability to predict future pandemics. Dr. Tenpenny wrote about it once more in her Eye on the Evidence substack, outlining in painstaking detail the playbook by which the New World Order is slowly and insidiously taking away Americans’ rights.

Not only does Biden’s regime support it, his HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra is one of the main architects of the treaty, crafting it out of his tremendous concern for the American people over the Omicron variant. (News flash: the COVID pandemic has ended. Why has Becerra not gotten the memo?) Becerra is one of many ‘hive minds’  behind this; they are globalists who want a centralized response to all future pandemics.

Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto is the lead negotiator for the US in the pandemic treaty discussions, and she says the US is committed to the effort. In fact, she is in Geneva this week to work on another treaty draft. In December 2021, the WHO set up yet another unelected governing body called the Intergovernmental Negotiating Bureau (INB). The INB was set up as part of the Constitution of the World Health Organization, NOT the Constitution of the United States. They’re working on this draft now, and you can read it here. Apparently efforts will continue through April on banging out another draft. They’ll issue an update in May with a final treaty expected sometime in 2024. The ambassador uses catch phrases like “shared commitment, shared aspirations and shared responsibilities” but doesn’t reference things like shared lockdowns and shared quarantine camps. Hamamoto said there’s still lots of work to do on the draft, stating it is unbalanced regarding response versus prevention and preparedness. That’s kinda scary.

One vaccine, one medication – very restrictive, and certainly designed to control, rather than care for, populations. A team of unelected, nameless, faceless people thousands of miles away decide what constitutes a health emergency (like one case of monkeypox or a few cases of Marburg) and how America will respond. A medical police state would be set up in our country and would use surveillance to make sure we do as we’re told. It will supersede our US Constitution, so there’s not much we’ll be able to do about it when we disagree. Your primary physician will have to comply with their orders as well. It will be more of the same we’ve already seen with COVID. You won’t get early treatment with ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, and when you’re so sick that you need to be hospitalized, you’ll be prescribed dangerous drugs such as Remdesivir followed by a ventilator. And everyone in the world will be perpetually jabbed or vaccinated with dangerous substances whether you need it or not.  Natural immunity will continue to be ignored  because we’ll be following the WHO directives and not the actual science.

Putin Suspends A Treaty

Meanwhile, on Tuesday February 21, Vladimir Putin addressed his country on the one year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. In a piece that has now gone viral (no pun intended), famed journalist Seymour Hersch outlined evidence that Joe Biden directed the demolition of the Nordstream2 undersea gas pipeline, which Russia owns. Putin is understandably not happy, and has suspended Russian participation in the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty with the US (called the New Start treaty). Putin stated that Russia will resume nuclear tests if the US also does so. Biden Secretary of State Blinken also postured that the US stands at the ready.

This has the potential to restart nuclear tensions that haven’t occurred since the Cold War. While these two treaties are quite different, they do have a lot in common. Both want to exert control at all costs, and both are quite dangerous indeed.

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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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