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Are You A Target of Genocide? - The Tenpenny Report

Are You A Target of Genocide?

By Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev RN, MS, CNS

Be prepared to be shocked! There seems to be overwhelming evidence of a coup against the citizens of the world is happening that will lead to global genocide. Lest you think that sounds really crazy, explore the following videos and links. Among the reveals are specific COVID-19 vaccine lot numbers that are highly associated with adverse reactions, severe injuries, and deaths. All vaccine batches produced under a given product name should be identical with similar rates of adverse events, but these are not.

Vladimir Zelenko, MD, among the first of the physicians to offer successful early treatment to thousands of COVID-sick individuals, calls the COVID injections “death shots.” Many folks, including Zelenko’s followers, wonder why the greatest percentage of people who have taken these various COVID shots have not (yet) developed serious reactions, while thousands of others have suffered weird reactions including what appears to be magnetism. If they would bother to look around and do a little research, they would find a frightening and ever-increasing number of people are experiencing life-altering injuries or death following these shots.

It now appears we have answers to these questions, and they are horrific. Hackers are credited with unearthing Pfizer and Moderna data that demonstrate the purposeful and targeted release of highly toxic shots in specific batches as experiments upon humanity.

What follows are various sources of this information. Despite some overlap, each has a different presentation and a different discussion leading to a comprehensive, powerful exposé of evil. Watch them all or skip around and skim through, but don’t miss looking at this first presentation on lot numbers. For the sake of your sanity, don’t miss the good news by Dr. Peter McCullough, and a good laugh by comic J.P. Sears in the ending links.

1- You can look up your COVID shot lot number and corresponding adverse event and death numbers here:

https://howbad.info/ or https://HowBadisMyBatch.com

Note that the worst Pfizer lot numbers for adults begin with EN & ER; and for children begin with EW, FA, & FC. Regarding Moderna lot numbers, the worst end with 20A (bad for all ages), while Moderna’s super toxic batches for children are letters J, K, L, & M.

2- Read Stuart Bramhall’s piece from Nov.1, 2021:  100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths caused by just 5% of batches produced according to official Government data

3- Learn more from Neenah Payne, January 7, 2022 “Will Shocking Discovery End COVID Coup Now?”
This article contains great information and powerful videos including Dr. Fuellmich & Dr. Wodarg, January 5, 2022 “New Findings. Enough to dismantle the VAX Covid Industry” in which Dr. Wodarg presents evidence of toxic batches, and Dr. Fuellmich explains the legal implications and future claims for damages of injured people.

4- Learn about Pfizer’s highly toxic batches from the Craig Paardekooper paper 
Also published at: https://odysee.com/@TheCoon:b

5- Listen to Dr. Jane Ruby on Stew Peters – from January 7, 2022
Deadly Vax Batches identified – IT’S TARGETED GENOCIDE
More information on the deadly batches and their Numbers. Dr Ruby also lists the doctors and experts who have worked hard to bring this horrifying news to the public. She says the evidence suggests that Moderna and Pfizer are conducting “Lethal Dose Studies” on humans.

6- Dr. Fuellmich & Dr Mike Yeadon – from January 10, 2022
Massive deception and organized MASS MURDER
They speak about the new findings in relation to vaccines not being the same in every batch. Adverse events vary too much from batch to batch, it would be impossible for them to vary that much without it being intentional. If it was a fault in production, then by the data available, the FDA should stop the product immediately due to lack of uniformity, and investigations would have to be conducted. The fact that Pfizer, Moderna and the FDA know the data, but do not investigate, can only mean one thing: it’s intentional.

7- In this video, Yeadon notes masks are merely splash-protection for surgeons, to protect them from a patient’s blood and fluids, and to protect the surgical field from contamination by the surgeon’s oral or nasal droplets. Masks have no value in preventing viral spread.

8- Paul Schreyer – April 26, 2021
Pandemic Simulation Games – Preparation for a New Era

For more on simulations and to understand the real plan, watch the shorter highlights reel of Event 201-A Global Pandemic Exercise or select the various video segments here

9- Rockefeller Institute Scenarios for the Future of Technology.
Creating and using pandemics to control mankind through fear have been decades in the making, but you can see more clearly the COVID-19 connection if you put this phrase into the DuckDuckGo.com search engine: Rockefeller Institute scenarios for the Future of Technology. Here is one of the sites; click on the opening link to read the page 18 “Lockstep” scenario, which is eerily similar to what is happening now with COVID-19.

Globalists led by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, the world’s billionaire class, Hollywood, government leaders, international corporate CEOs from the Davos set, and large swaths of mainstream media, are using COVID-19 to implement “The Great Reset.” The goal of this Great Reset is a massive transformation of world systems that Schwab and others refer to as “build-back-better.”

What could possibly go wrong?

Glenn Beck’s newly released book is already a best-seller. Beck has also titled his book “The Great Reset” and in it, he shines a light on all that could go wrong…and much that has already gone wrong. Beck explains, in clear terms, the nature of the centralized world control system that globalists are now inflicting upon us through COVID-19 dictates. The “Globalist Dream” will make us all slaves to a New World Order in which we will “own nothing and be happy about it”. This awful vision was born as UN Agenda 21 and expanded into Agenda 2030. Both describe the liberty-destroying Sustainable Developmental Goals. Any time you hear the word “sustainability” – think GLOBALIST AGENDA and the UN as our Overlord.

“Owning nothing” also means “the state” (government) will have ownership of your body and your mind. They will control what medical treatments you get, where you go, even what you eat…for the common good of course. No more God-given individual liberty. In fact, no more God. In the “common good system”, you exist for the utility of others. Be a good person and be willing to set yourself on fire to keep the others warm!  These totalitarian, atheistic systems will not allow bowing before God. They place men, specifically their men, at the top of the food chain.

10 Clay Clark Re-Awaken America Tour
Dr. Zelenko’s slide presentation presented in Dallas, Texas, December 2021, gives a pretty good explanation of what’s going on. It’s fast-moving, so consider pausing slides to get all the information and links within.

11- But have heart! Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH tells us the official COVID-19 narrative has crumbled.

12- And since laughter is truly the best medicine, you might enjoy comic J.P. Sears sharing his humorous take on the crumbling narrative!

Wake up, citizens of the world, lest you become slaves of the controlling Global Elites who are using COVID fear to keep you in ignorance and fighting amongst yourselves as they steal your country and your liberty.

Stop complying! Share this information. These tyrants are only a few thousand in number, but you are billions!


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Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev, is a Registered Nurse (emeritus) and Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) with a Master’s degree in Biology/Clinical Nutrition. She has maintained a private practice, developed health and weight control programs and nutritional products, and was a featured newspaper columnist for health and nutrition articles. Formerly a psychiatric head nurse, Laraine earned the Huxley Institute Certificate in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice and her successful protocol for orthomolecular treatment of agoraphobia/panic disorder through diet and nutrient supplements was featured in many magazine articles and books. Laraine is a health activist and a member of the American College of Nutrition.

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