Op Ed: What if They Gave a War and No One Knew?

By Donald Jeffries

The puppetmasters who keep the masses distracted with their perpetual wars have finally turned their focus away from foreign bogeymen. Instead, they have used a virus — one that apparently will not or cannot die — to finally launch the World War III many of us have feared and predicted for a very long time.

In America, and all over the world, governments began overstepping any legitimate authority last year, when their lockdowns, social distancing, and mandates created massive loss of jobs and small businesses, and an unthinkable diminishment of civil liberties. The elite discovered that safety is a far more powerful weapon than conventional false flags and demonization of other nations and their leaders. The masses want to be safe, and they have shown they are willing to sacrifice liberty for it.

It probably wasn’t a difficult adjustment for citizens in China and other totalitarian societies to obey nonsensical mandates to such a degree that close family ties could be severed, or long time friendships broken. But here in the US, in the land of the supposedly free, the descendants of Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry should have at least questioned this absurd narrative. Instead, the vast majority bought each contradictory pronouncement, and genuflected towards science, in whose name WWIII is being waged.  “In God We Trust” has been replaced by  “Trust the Science”!

Our Fort Sumpters Moments

Let us briefly summarize the Fort Sumpter moments here.  COVID-19 was the 2019 strain of the yearly coronavirus, which is essentially the common cold. All viruses, the hallowed Science tells us, run their course and burn out in the spring heat. Then when things cool down, they return every fall. But COVID-19 was different from any previous virus in history. It didn’t burn out. And it didn’t allow COVID-20 to appear on the scene last fall, as Science tells us it should have. Isn’t that kind of like the sun suddenly not setting in the West?

So COVID-20 never emerged. What happened to it? And now we should be seeing COVID-21. Instead, the invulnerable COVID-19 just stays. And stays. There’s a bit of ebb and flow to it, but it basically has been a constant presence in the world for two years now. That isn’t Science. Instead of the old coronavirus dying out, as it has always done, and a new one replacing it every fall, COVID-19 simply spawns new variants, which is about as meaningful a term as mandates.Now we are told that the deadly new African variant Omicron has terrifying potential for our already frightened world.

Exactly how much fear can the elite sell, before the people become at least somewhat immune to it? Isn’t that the way all drugs work? Just as junkies need more powerful highs to satisfy their addiction, doesn’t it stand to reason that those you’re trying to scare for your own nefarious purposes would need a higher dose of fear at some point in order to achieve the same effect? And thus the variants, each one more dark and dangerous than the one before.

Just consider everything that people who have bought into this absurd narrative have accepted. The six foot social distancing figure was literally pulled out of the air, adapted from a middle school girl’s science project. How many loved ones have gone unhugged and unkissed over the past nearly two years, because of this level of Science? And the face diapers. I believe at this point, some people are only keeping the masks on because they like the look of it. Nothing displays servitude more than a ridiculous mask that protects you from nothing, least of all this very dubious virus.

Like many others, I lost a lot of friends, and even some family, because of what I’ve said and written about this quiet overt Plandemic. How many questioned wearing a mask into a restaurant, only to take it off when they got to the safety of their table? How many questioned the plexiglass put up between customers and cashiers, which was open on the sides, the top, and the bottom? This is Science? How many protested the forced closure of small businesses selling the same products as their large, chain competitors, who faced no restrictions whatsoever?

What about Warp Speed?

But the madness was taken to another level entirely with the magical warp speed vaccine. Donald Trump pushed for it, and continues to brag about it and claim credit for it. And yet his supporters are overwhelmingly skeptical about it, while those who still irrationally hate him see no inconsistency in embracing the vaccine like a Holy Grail while spewing vitriol against the father of it. The mysteries of the disastrous Two-Party duopoly are endless and largely responsible for the mess we’re in.

While even though a majority of those all over the world lined up for the jab as soon as it was available, they soon discovered that just one shot wasn’t enough. A second injection was required. And now we are being introduced to a never-ending stream of boosters, supposedly to protect you from these variants.  Basically, you are getting multiple vaccines for the same thing, something unheard of and about as unscientific as could be.

We were primed for this. Americans have been dumbed down for decades. The average IQ level has been dropping consistently for over forty years. I suppose that a similar dumbing down has taken place all over the world because the majority of the population in every nation are being injected with multiple jabs for the same virus. The media has absolutely forbidden exposure of all the deaths and adverse reactions to these vaccines that have undeniably occurred. Already they have killed far more people than all the other vaccines since 1901 combined. And heart disease in children is becoming a real thing now, thanks to gullible parents listening to “journalists” and celebrities promoting the jab.

It’s well known that Science — the deity around which this entire narrative revolves — has found that COVID-19 presents absolutely no danger to the young, especially small children. In fact, the minuscule chance they could die from the common flu is still more likely than anything happening to them because of this unprecedented COVID virus. And yet, the Woke Left continues to push for stringent mask mandates and vaccination of children. Any dissenting parents will be slandered as “domestic terrorists,” and investigated by our vaunted FBI.

World War III is Real

So, this is World War III. The sides are clearly aligned. It is us versus them, with them being the elite leaders, movers, and shakers of every nation on Earth. The oldest war ever waged is the class war, there are obvious class distinctions in our current battle. Almost everyone with any appreciable wealth or influence is buying this narrative as religiously as they buy into anything promulgated by the rigged system that has served them so well. And the us are the millions who are awake to at least some degree to the utter corruption and tyranny ruling them.

But the powerless and unconnected, living paycheck to paycheck if they have a job, are for the most part buying this Plandemic narrative, too. So by default, our side loses even more millions of potential partisans to the apathy and stupidity that enables the bullies who are orchestrating this production. They can be easily identified by their trusty masks, which constitute a sort of military uniform. They are the ones who call the authorities on their noncompliant neighbors. Picture Donald Sutherland’s character in the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, pointing and yelling at the last human character, his former friend. Only we can’t blame aliens.

When we envisioned another World War, conservatives imagined the primary adversary — the “bad guy” — would be China. “Woke” liberals pictured it being Russia. There are so few anti-war voices left in the world that their dreams of universal peace aren’t even taken into consideration. As the great Smedley Butler said, wars are never about enemies. They’re about opportunities for profit. But few of us pictured a World War III precipitated by what real statistics, and real Science, tell us is an ordinary and innocuous virus.

In all those science fiction films depicting an overwhelming catastrophe impacting humankind, from giant bugs or dinosaurs unearthed by nuclear testing to horrific contagions turning people into zombies, the scientists who knew what was happening, and tried to warn the people, were scoffed at. Ironically, it is the scientists who are selling this Plandemic, like used car salesmen in white coats. And while those movies were great entertainment, there is no joy in experiencing it for real.

The OnePercenters

Unlike every other war in world history, this one really doesn’t involve what we classically define as weapons. As I have said many times, the entire world was essentially shut down in a matter of a few weeks, without any troops or police being necessary to do so. Without a shot being fired. And in the midst of this new, Orwellian World War, Them still doesn’t need any weapons. Other than the power of a sycophant, state-controlled press, and high profile One Percenters anxious to propagandize.

Us, on the other hand, are not really even in the battle. They don’t know that a war is going on. Although they theoretically have weapons, none have dared to use them. The law — from roided out police officers to biased and politicized judges — is allied with Them. So is the controlled press, which is as valuable to Them as an arsenal of pinpoint-accurate drones. The entire corporate world and gargantuan government bureaucracy is also aligned with Them. Us has nothing, beyond a dwindling number of alternative media outlets that are being systematically eliminated by Them.

America’s secession from British colonial rule was only possible because those who were front and center in the fight for independence were the One Percenters of their day. Those of Us who object to this tyrannical Plandemic narrative have no fortunes to risk. The sacred honor of our ancestors is meaningless because honor has no value in our nightmarish world. They are welcome to risk their lives, as countless whistleblowers and naysayers opposed to various conspiracies have over the course of time.

The only weapon us has is a tremendous advantage in numbers. Like Orwell’s Proles, us could bring them to task at any moment, simply by banning together. But we are a totally dysfunctional country, and that dysfunction is most apparent in virtually every family. Sadly, millions of people coming together for a cause that all of them would greatly benefit from is a pipedream.

So World War III will not feature the millions of deaths from the previous world wars. The casualties are likely to be all the unreported victims of an untested and dangerous vaccine, or perhaps a real deadly pathogen will ultimately be released, and the deranged eugenicists who rule us can finally satisfy their fantasies. It will instead be a relentless assault on human liberty, morality, and all that’s worth living for. And it will be done in the name of safety and science.

World War III also contains a strong element of psychological warfare, with the elite refining the methods they’ve used for over a century on the always unwitting public. The concept of Total War, first implemented by secular deity Abraham Lincoln and his bloodthirsty Union generals, has been extended to include modern, Pavlovian techniques that target the citizens of each country with fear porn and largely meaningless quasi-scientific terms, instead of the typical collateral damage inflicted by indiscriminate bombing of civilians.

To paraphrase an old comic strip, we have met the enemy, and it’s them. Why bother manufacturing foreign adversaries when you can simply trample your own population? Instead of machine guns or bombs, use mandates and variants. No need to travel thousands of miles to confront an alleged terrorist or dictator. Just demonize all those who question your authority. Make your political opponents the terrorists. The same masses who bought all those false flags, and the demonization of various hobgoblins in other countries, will buy anything you’re selling.

We Lose From Apathy

The same disinterested normies who are terrified over this absurd Plandemic have always cheered on every war. They’ve been conditioned to support the troops, and salivate for the chance to thank you for your service, even if that service  is now directed against domestic dissidents. So they are unconditionally behind World War III, even though they’re in the crossfire, and on the losing side, that has no real weapons with which to defend itself. Outside of their sizable advantage in numbers, that is. Which they instinctively rebel against ever using.

I don’t expect many of the few genuine anti-war activists left in this country to join me in opposing this war, or even acknowledging it exists. I’ve written a book about bullying, and war requires bullying behavior to be successful. I will always oppose bullies, just as I oppose war. I agree with Jeannette Rankin, a forgotten classical liberal, who called war “a wrong method of trying to settle a dispute.” She also said, “You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.” When they wanted to put a woman on the currency, it’s not surprising that no one mentioned her.

If anything, this war – World War III – is the most insidious one ever. Governments overtly declaring war on their own people, with most of the people cooperating with the governments. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “There is no such thing as a good war or a bad peace.” That certainly includes this war, the undeclared and unrecognized World War III.


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Donald Jeffries is an author and meticulous researcher of many books. His most recent book, On Borrowed Fame: Money, Mysteries, and Corruption in the Entertainment World is meticulously researched. He explores the concept of fame in all its fleeting glory and confounding inconsistency. On Borrowed Fame will be of great interest to fans, celebrities, and anyone with even a cursory affinity for the world of show business. His research is formidable and this book is the most fascinating chronicle of show business malfeasance, mayhem, and the misery that often comes with fame.


Donald Jeffries has been researching the JFK assassination since the mid-1970s, when he worked as a teenage volunteer with Mark Lane’s Citizens Committee of Inquiry. He is the author of six best selling books and his work has been lauded by the likes of Ron Paul, Naomi Wolf, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, Roger Stone and many others. Don is the host of his radio programs The Donald Jeffries Show and I Protest.

You can follow him on  Substack – donaldjeffries.media, and on his blog – donaldjeffries.news

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