Australia Launches Massive Campaign To Take Down Anti-Vaxxers

The Australian government isn’t pinching any pennies when it comes to subverting anti-vaccine causes. In fact, they are reportedly now spending $5.5 million dollars to campaign against the anti-vaccine movement. A movement that’s already taken government hits, such as “no jab, no pay.” The country has also banned some individuals who have promoted anti-vaccine rhetoric and media.

The campaign, called “Get the Facts about Immunisation,” is a series of handouts and videos encouraging vaccination. The videos and handouts also feature parents who are grieving the losses of children.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Health Minister Greg Hunt explained “it is these areas of low coverage which pose risks to the community, especially to people who can’t be vaccinated, like newborns and those with medical reasons.”

“They were both too young to be vaccinated, so like all other newborns, relied on the rest of the community being vaccinated to offer protection,” Mr Hunt said.

A list of places in Australia has been deemed as priority for distribution of the information due to lower vaccine rates.

New South Wales: Byron Bay, Inner Sydney, Mullumbimby and Burwood.

Queensland: The Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast hinterland.

Western Australia: Denmark, South Perth, Subiaco and Maylands.

Victoria: South Yarra, St Kilda and Prahran.

South Australia: Adelaide City and Unley.



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2 Comments on "Australia Launches Massive Campaign To Take Down Anti-Vaxxers"

  1. Wrong. Please do not comment on what you do not know.

  2. Steve Harsh | 08/24/2017 at 11:39 am | Reply

    It’s such an unfortunate thing for Australians to be governed by people like Greg Hunt. He is so misinformed and makes such imbecilic statements like “we need everyone to be vaccinated to protect those that can’t be vaccinated like babies” etc, and then he recommends vaccination of babies only hours after they are born. He has no understanding that those babies may have genetic susceptibilities and have a barely developing immune system. He’s ranting the same old rubbish that we need at least 95% being vaccinated for herd immunity.

    He is federal Health Minister that has everything to do with a medical establishment in his life. He’s just another law school graduate in the Turnbull regime and is obviously completely ignorant of basic health needs for kids. I really can’t image how he has the power force bogus and unsafe measures on Australians. He is the perfect partner in crime to the other Turnbull advocate, the Victorian Health Minister, Jill Hennessy. She is another law graduate, NOT medical graduate. We definitely are in trouble with the Turnbull sock puppets running the show. We certainly need to pray for what is happening to Aussie kids.

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