N.J. Doctor Accused Of Overprescribing Opioids Following Undercover Sting Operation

Photo by KJGarbutt

A New Jersey undercover sting operation has one local doctor accused of overprescribing opioid pills. When the undercover officer asked for more pills, the doctor obliged without issue.

of Toms River stands accused by the New Jersey Attorney General of overprescribing OxyContin and fentanyl to patients.

The state Board of Medical Examiners has removed Coplin’s ability to prescribe any further controlled substances pending an investigation into the allegations.

The Board of Medical Examiners has accused the 62-year-old doctor of having “engaged in a pattern of careless and reckless conduct.”

The state used two undercover patients and undercover videotaping of his medical offices to build the case against Coplin.

Coplin’s attorney, John Hanamirian, says Coplin “could have definitely been more aware of what was happening in his patient population.”

Photo by KJGarbutt

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1 Comment on "N.J. Doctor Accused Of Overprescribing Opioids Following Undercover Sting Operation"

  1. It seems that that irresponsibility fueled by ignorance, is the trademark of medical profession. It is hard to imagine that doctors would not at least read the product inserts of medications that as a rule list a great number of adverse effects including death. PI of Tripedia DaPT+P Sanofi Pasteur lists also SIDS and autism among the great number of serious effects revealed during the postmarketing surveillance. So called antipsychotic medications actually cause psychotic episodes and were instrumental in bizarre murders/suicides all over the world and in the US school shootings. Fentanyl pain killer killed many prominent people.

    Moreover, they should also personally observe many well-known serious effects of all other vaccines currently administered to children and adults. After all, they very often do not vaccinate their own children and themselves.

    In Austtralia, flu vacdination of politicians is subject to exemption because their occupation is deemed not to put them in contact with people.

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