Cancer Experts ‘Alarmed’ By Incredibly Low HPV Vaccinations

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The HPV vaccination has been linked to a variety of serious illnesses, yet the CDC and many “Cancer experts” continue to push the vaccine full-throttle. Nearly 70 cancer centers around the country are now so mortified by the data that they are “sounding an alarm” over the matter. The new pitch is that HPV causes head and neck cancer (not just cervical), adding to the extreme importance of getting vaccinated.

The state of Kansas is especially concerned as they are acknowledging that less than half of their resident girls are passing on the vaccine. In fact, Kansas is last in the nation. In many ways, this makes them first in the nation in terms of common sense. The University of Kansas Cancer Center, however, does not share my sentiment regarding the matter. And to further convey their “sounding of alarms” in unison with all the other cancer centers in the country, they released a statement full with hyperbole.

The public call from KU’s cancer center was blunt: The vaccine prevents cancer. What’s the problem?

“It absolutely breaks my heart,” says Terry Tsue, physician-in-chief at the University of Kansas Cancer Center. “We have two vaccines against cancers that are caused by virus, the hepatitis A vaccine and the HPV vaccine. Otherwise, we don’t have a vaccine that prevents cancer.

“There are thousands and thousands of people dying annually from this disease that could have been prevented had we had this vaccine 30 years ago. We didn’t have it and were so slow in adopting it that for the next 30 years we’re going to lose the same number of people, and more, because it’s spreading.”

It really sounds like one of the screenwriters from The Walking Dead came up with that statement. The overtones of tragedy blended with empathetic physicians really define doomsday. Retreat to your bunkers, the cancers are coming (unless you opt to save yourself with modern, available medicine).

They even released a video.

So much wrong with that statement, but I choose to focus on the good. And the good is that people all around the nation are seeing the truth when it comes to this vaccine. I just hope we all continue to share information and not allow pharmaceutical companies a free, unrivaled path to our children’t bodies.

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