New Bill To Lower Pharmacists Vaccination Ages for Kids

Photo by Mennonite Church USA Archives

In Idaho, pharmacists might soon be able to vaccinate children at a lower age than currently in place.  As it stands, pharmacists are able to administer vaccines, such as tetanus and flu, to children ages 12 and up. With the new bill, the age range would drop dramatically to 6 and up. According to, parental consent would still be needed.

The Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee backed a bill Wednesday that says children age six and older can get flu shots and vaccinations like tetanus shots from pharmacists with parental consent. Previously, the age limit was 12.

Only two votes went against this bill, Sens. Sheryl Nuxoll, R-Cottonwood and Maryanne Jordan, D-Boise. What’s interesting here is that a pharmacist would typically have no medical history on a child. While they “might” have access to prescription drug history, they wouldn’t have any information regarding health profiles. Are we so desperate to delve out vaccine concoctions that we’ve just completely lost sight of interactions with other health issues?

This is just a case of not caring at all who gives the vaccine so long as it is given. The hypocrisy is that medically speaking we are all supposed to be subjected to some sort of physical before being prescribed any medications. Apparently, however, this doesn’t hold true when it comes to vaccines. This bill is also aimed at increasing flu vaccines which have been low this year. Low flu shot turnouts have even prompted “dog flu” scares. Any opportunity to increase the demographic of the product or its availability will be done.

I am troubled when considering what type of parents take their 6-year old to a pharmacist for a shot of any sort. This bill is irresponsible and caters to pharmaceutical companies looking to increase vaccine volume. This isn’t a health solution, it is a ridiculous placation for pharma. But as per the usual, most senators voted for it. No real surprises there.

Photo by Mennonite Church USA Archives

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