Health Agents Going Door to Door Searching For Un-Vaccinated (Be Aware!)

Photo by CDC Global Health

A new Hospital program has opened a “home intervention” program which targets low income areas. The program uses healthcare agents and has them visiting homes and checking out children’s vaccination statuses. Family of the un-vaccinated are then told to vaccinate. The program was discovered in Stony Brook, NY’s, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital . The hostpital’s new program found that “vaccination rates improved when agents visited homes.” They used “education” tactics on the un-vaccinated. They found vaccination rates increased in the community 15%. How insane is this? As insane as you might think it to be.

“We developed a protocol of an enriched medical home intervention using community health worker home visitation to improve early childhood immunization up-to-date status,” said Susmita Pati, MD, MPH, Chief, Division of Primary Care Pediatrics, and Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. “We found this demonstrated a positive impact on increasing immunization rates, especially for vulnerable children such as those living in poverty.”

The study results stem from a Stony Brook Children’s Hospital Enriched Medical Home Intervention (EMHI) voluntary program that is offered to families whose children are considered at-risk for poor outcomes due to healthcare disparities. The children range from newborn to less than two years of age. In the study, titled “An enriched medical home intervention using community health workers improves adherence to immunization schedules,” the analysis of immunization rates included 201 children in the usual care group and 110 children in the intervention group. The age-specific immunization up-to-date status was defined by CDC guidelines. (source)

This reeks of a CDC outreach program using the hospital as a front. This program directly takes advantage of the impoverished, less educated sectors who are easier to convince and intimidate. A recent study showed that rich, white, educated people were the least vaccinated, but the CDC and hospitals haven’t attempted this program on them (yet). This is irrefutable proof that they are starting with a demographic they see as the weakest, most easily influenced.

This is the bad side of the slippery slope. The CDC is likely using this demographic as a test market to see how this invasive, discriminatory and blatant violation of rights to privacy can pan out. A 15% profit margin to pharmaceutical companies is rather large. Remember, you never have to answer any questions about your health to Government agents (or anyone for that matter). No one should be asking you about, or requesting documentation about your children’s vaccination statuses. Don’t allow Government agents to intimidate you, YOU HAVE RIGHTS!

Photo by CDC Global Health

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