Questioning Vaccines Doesn’t Make You An ‘Anti-Vaxxer’

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I want to preface this article by saying that I am not concerned about someone being labeled an anti-vaxxer because it is ideologically – scientifically wrong (I clearly don’t support such perspectives), I am worried about this labeling being a potential deterrent for those who want to research vaccines further. The anti-vaccination label is a label that comes with being ostracized by friends and family, it means potentially losing a job or not being considered for a job. People who post their anti-vaccination beliefs publicly, are, without question, discriminated against.

The pro-vaccination hardliners, who are pawns of pharmaceutical and Government messaging, have taken away the middle ground. The middle ground are people who are unsure of vaccination, or potentially believe in a delayed vaccination schedule. They have been lumped into the anti-vaccination crowd. This is a way of intimidating those who question the system. The path to concluding you don’t want to vaccinate your children means at some point, being unsure or even just simply considering delayed scheduling. That’s the natural progression.

Spreading the message about anti-vaccination, the dangers of vaccination, means being able to get our messaging heard. Unfortunately, the Government and Pharmaceutical companies have done a stellar job taking away that ability. Anyone who questions vaccination is now labeled as an anti-vaxxer and that label comes along with all the same discrimination. People who delay vaccines, or simply question them (even if they eventually get their children vaccinated), will be punished for life with the label. That’s the strategy of pro-vaccination: you question the authority, you suffer the consequences.

This is incredibly dangerous ground. In Nazi Germany, anyone caught questioning the Government was considered treasonous. Eliminating the people’s ability to consider all options is the easiest way to contain and advance your agenda. The pro-vaccination agenda now thrives under the umbrella of intimidation and containment. People realize that if they question vaccines, they are then labeled with a scarlet letter.

The unfortunate part in all of this is that for many of us who are anti-vaccination, we tend to overlook the discouraging and suffering these parents who are looking for the truth go through. A huge component to anti-vaccination is the choice of vaccination. I open my arms to anyone who questions vaccines, even if they eventually choose to vaccinate. I don’t want to live in a world that buries information, forces people to live in a closet because of their ideas, or discriminates against people for choices. It is our duty to support those who question vaccines. It is also our duty to fight for their right to question those things and make their own choices. This gestapo we live in is a nonsensical profiteering machine.

I want to spread the message that as an anti-vaccination proponent, I welcome the healthy debate, but more than that, I welcome your God given right to choose. I never want anyone to fear communicating with our site, our Facebook page, or our email communications for fear of persecution. It should be understood that persecution is the argument of the insecure. Don’t allow the Government of pharmaceutical companies to force you into thinking you don’t have a choice or that you can’t ask questions. YOU CAN. And we welcome you.

image credit: pixabay

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