CDC Says Flu ‘Widespread’ As Cases Continue To Rise

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The CDC is now claiming that the flu is ravaging 26 states, according to Forbes. They are using the term, “widespread,” to describe this winter’s flu season, at least for 26 states. The CDC is also saying that this makes the current status of the flu more deadly because it is “getting an early start.” Flu season is projected to peak in February. Worsening the situation is that the flu vaccine is a failure being that it is  only be 10-33% effective. That’s ultra-hideous numbers by almost any interpretation.

The super cold winter that plagued the states this past week is also being blamed. For some areas, it was the coldest New Year’s Eve in 100 years.

Here are my main concerns: how many people went and got the flu shot, which is only 10% effective, and failed to do any of the other more realistic preventive actions? Eating a healthy diet, washing hands, and getting proper sleep can certainly go a long ways in preventing the onset of flu. Often times, the marketing for flu shots is so overwhelming that natural, holistic, common-sense prevention is all but forgotten about. People get a flu shot and leave feeling invincible. Flu shot hysteria is seemingly going to lead to a much worse flu season than we ever needed to experience.

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Always a good idea to treat your body well all year. Get good sleep, take some vitamin C, and avoid processed foods. Also, CHECK OUT COLLOIDAL SILVER ON AMAZON NOW. There are things you can do.

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Photo by jasleen_kaur



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