CDC Warns New Flu Virus On The Way

cdc new flu strain
Photo by CDC Global Health

The media is trying to make ‘evil flu season’ happen, and honestly speaking, they’ve done a pretty darn stellar job of it. Now their friends at the CDC are pitching that the big bad flu season is far from over, in fact, it may be just beginning.

The CDC says that Flu Virus B is on its way and those who had the most recent flu version are not safe (yes, you see where this is going). The flu is down in New York City almost 20 percent, but this new strain could apparently shake things up once again.

According to WTEN, the ‘second wave,’ as it has been termed, is now being reported more frequently than the original A-strain. This is the evidence being used to support the claim that another bad flu is coming to get us even if we had the original version.

Health officials repeated their mantra that “It’s never too late to get a flu shot.”

Photo by CDC Global Health

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