Chloë Sevigny on Vaccines and Autism ‘I could see people being afraid of vaccinations’

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And she might surprise you even after her American Horror Story character.

Chloë Sevigny is one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Her current project, American Horror Story: Hotel. The show, last year, slammed the anti-vaccination movement in American Horror Story: Hotel, Episode 5.

The plot depicts the spread of a contagious disease spread by vampirism (measles). Chloe Sevigny releases a terrible measles super virus upon the population when she releases the child of an anti-vaccination mother into the free world. A vampire measles breakout at a school turns the children against the superiors. I am pretty sure a lot of anti-vaxxers are murdered.

So one might be curious, just what does Sevigny think of the anti-vaccination movement? Well, she cleared some of that up in an interview with  on Vineyard ask Sevigny about the controversial episode, saying, Because Alex shares her “virus” to try to save the boy with measles, now the vampire virus has spread like wildfire among all these children. You could read all these things into it about the anti-vaccination movement, but there’s also the sense that this is just the beginning. The Countess does not want her children creating more children.

Sevigny responds, in part, with:

But viruses and vaccines, that’s such a big thing. Ryan has two young kids, and it’s such an issue right now. It’s topical, and he likes to do that as well. I don’t have children, so I haven’t really had to face that yet. I can kind of see it from both angles, especially with all the autism now being so prevalent. I could see people being afraid of vaccinations. There are many unknowns.

Of course, expect the press to bury this portion of the story as much as possible. Sure, she isn’t saying she is anti-vaccination, nor is she condemning the show’s script, but she is saying that she can see the perspective, which is more than we can say for most. The media likes to run a full court press when it comes to plot agendas pushing an negative sentiment towards anti-vaccination movements, but it undermines that journalism by subverting information such as this.

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