Colorado Flu Spreads Viciously, But Vaccine Proponents Claim Shot Is Doing Great

flu shot colorado

If you live in Colorado and have yet to have the flu, a nurse from the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association says you are almost certain to get it. Speaking with CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann, nurse Anne Hart said that Colorado’s almost 600 flu cases are proof-positive that the flu is coming for you and your family.

“Almost 600 cases in Colorado this year, so we know it’s serious, and it’s still very important for people to be getting their flu shots,”

“If somebody hasn’t already contracted the flu, they still can and might,” she told CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann. “The odds are, in fact, that they will.”

Hart says that this year’s flu shot is working wonderfully.

However, the CDC says that Colorado is one of the hardest hit flu states. Due to this, the push for flu shots is bigger than ever in the Rocky Mountain state.

So is the flu shot working great if the state is being ravaged by cases of flu?

Hart doubled down on her flu shot confidence.

“The flu that is happening in Colorado right now is H1N1 and H2N3, and we do vaccinate against both of those,” Hart explained. “So it’s not a question of will your shot cover the viruses at hand. Yes, it will.”



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