Communication: How to End the Tyranny of the Woke

Reprinted with permission by Lee Kessler’s The Clear View

As a young woman, before I entered into the entertainment industry, I held a position in labor relations with the largest retailing conglomerate in the United States. With no experience whatsoever in that field I was hired by senior executives in the conglomerate who saw something in me I did not see in myself. It was their intention that the conglomerate not be forced to unionize and that the way to prevent that was to make it unnecessary.

My responsibilities encompassed a division with over 1100 people in it. And my task was to protect the people: all the people. That meant labor and management, as my mentors coached. Young and in need of a job, I accepted the challenge, not knowing I was about to learn lessons that would stay with me throughout my life in all my various professional activities, and which would serve me well in all personal matters. These lessons are not only needed now, but they are imperative if we are to survive as a republic.

What I learned then, and implore you to understand now, is that communication solves any problem, confusion, or upset. Time after time when a manager and an employee were at odds with each other, I learned to bring both parties into my office and have them communicate to me and to each other. It was that one simple act that resolved every single issue I encountered during that successful career.

Indeed communication is life itself. If you have ever been with someone as they passed away, you may have noted that at that moment all communication stopped. Words and touch would go unacknowledged forever forward. The finality of death was manifested by the absence of communication.

That is true in all marital situations, legal situations, job situations, medical situations, political situations—indeed all of life. The lesson is simple: when there is trouble, communicate. Where there is communication there is immediate hope. That is precisely why we are all in such peril today. Before I explain, I want to further add that it does not have to be the smoothest, most couth communication. The grammar does not have to be perfect. It does not even have to be quiet or soft. And it especially does not have to be a tricky manipulation of words. It is the existence of communication alone that opens the door to insight and resolution.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a dictatorial and tyrannical segment of our culture took over and became strident. Not only were we locked down and prevented from physical movement in our communities without harsh threats and punishments, we were also prevented from working. And in a true Woke colossal ignorance we were even paid not to work. But most of all, Americans who had questions, concerns, felt they were being treated unfairly, or in fact were being lied to were silenced. The silencing was brutal. Censorship of social media occurred, loss of jobs ensued if someone dared to speak up and communicate. Families were torn apart, refusing not only to see each other, but to even receive a communication from the errant family member whose communication was deemed “unacceptable.”

Shrieking at the top of their lungs that democracy had to be preserved, the First Amendment rights of Americans were summarily cancelled if the communication did not fit the tyrants’ mindsets. Americans were even stifled under threat of loss of liberty for challenging elections, for standing up for their children in schools, for adhering to their religious and moral principles. Surely you can fill in all manner of examples you yourself experienced and witnessed over the last three years.

To me it has felt that the stupidest amongst us, the most malevolent amongst us, and the witless amongst us have been given a license to communicate at will—in their dictatorial manner. The result? Americans are afraid to speak. They are afraid of reprisals. Whether it is a soldier who does not want a vaccine or any psychiatric medicine being forced to take them or surrender his career; whether it is a teacher who knows very well that to force children to stay home and be isolated was destructive but who feared she would incur the wrath of her union, her administration, or her school board; whether it was the scientist whose research clearly showed dangers in not just the virus, but in the vaccines, yet who feared for his livelihood; Americans were silenced.

The problem is that once the emergency had passed, and we started to move around, go back to work, recreate, study etc. we had stopped communicating. Families still harbor the resentments from the Covid lockdowns and hysteria. Workers have chosen to stay silent and unemployed. Everywhere in this country there are job openings. But the American citizen has chosen to remain silent. Just like muscles atrophy if they are not used, it is also true of communication. It atrophies if not used. Self-editing and self-doubt fester. Eventually it is just easier to say nothing than to risk upsetting someone, or worse yet, incurring their wrath and drama.

What I have noticed in my business enterprises and in the general environment, is that Americans seem to have lost their voice. We don’t talk to each other anymore. We text a message, which is a form of communication, but wholly inadequate to resolving issues and problems. Many can’t even articulate an emotion, so they resort to an emoji. When there is a disagreement or problem, many simply choose to “ghost” the other person. One side might be trying valiantly to get a communication through, but it is now an acceptable part of our culture to simply stop all communication and disappear. Such failures leave in their wake hurt feelings, disappointment, mystery, anger, confusion—in other words the exact opposite of solving the issue.

The reality is that following the example of the strident tyrants of the Woke Culture’s “ghosting” will cost you your job. It will cost you your boyfriend or girlfriend. It will cost you your children. It will cost you your status amongst peers. But most of all, you will have lost you. While we still live and breathe, we communicate, and advance our lives and the lives of others. When we cease to live and breathe, forward motion stops. But, the failure to communicate when one can is suicide. Communication resolves problems; the absence of it exacerbates them.

And that is precisely what an enemy who wanted to render you impotent and controllable would do to you. He would persuade you through information, disinformation, and perception management that it is too dangerous to communicate. Therefore you won’t. And his intentions and dictates stand because we are intimidated to speak up and talk about the problem.

Make no mistake, this deliberate attempt to persuade Americans to stop communicating with one another in any kind of meaningful way is one of the enslaving mechanisms of a totalitarian state. They talk. You shut up and listen. You speak, you die. And from the Summit that I speak of so often, I see clearly that Americans have stopped talking to resolve problems. They may lob propaganda talking points at each other, but they are not communicating. My years in labor relations taught me the difference. All successful conflict resolutions in my life taught me the difference. I had to mature and learn the Bison Principle in order to truly understand it. But if each of us as we encounter upsets, confusions, or problems applied the Bison Principle and—instead of trying to outrun the problem, or hide from the problem or pretend it doesn’t exist—we turn right into the storm, and start communicating, we will come through the storm faster and stronger.

It is our communication that softens the storm and brings about resolution, happiness, and productivity.

The lessons taught to me by five men who are long deceased have served me well. Let’s all carry that forward so that communication does not become a horrific casualty of that deplorable pandemic and of the truly fascistic Woke.


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Lee Kessler is an author, television actress, screenwriter, playwright, and stage director.  Her career  spans thirty-five years, and includes dozens of guest starring roles in television and movies, including  recurring roles in the series Hill Street Blues and Matlock, and a co-starring role with Peter O’Toole in the movie Creator.

Since the publication of her four suspense novels in the White King Rising series, Lee has made numerous radio and TV appearances discussing the book’s relevance to the outcome of the War on Terror. Today, Lee is a successful entrepreneur, a pioneer in Internet commerce, and owns an international Internet business which operates throughout the United States. She is the host of a new podcast, The Clear View with Lee Kessler.

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