Doctor’s Baby Allegedly Dies Following Vaccines

A new video shows Dr. Stephanie Christner, DO, discussing what happened to her child following vaccines. After her daughter, Victoria, passed away, Dr. Christner began to research everything about vaccines.

“What I have learned, has shocked me.”


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2 Comments on "Doctor’s Baby Allegedly Dies Following Vaccines"

  1. The government IS creating more & more anti-vaxxers !

    The other week my daughter’s friend used to say anti-vaxxers were idiots. She said her older daughter was up to date with all her vaccines and fine. Then she took her new 3-month-old baby boy for his vaccines. As she held him for his shots he started shaking, turned blue, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, he went stiff then limp. The mother started screaming the doctor panicked and grabbed the baby – no heartbeat, no pulse. Fortunately, he was able to resuscitate him, then couldn’t wait to shove them out the door saying “it’s normal” but don’t come back again go to another clinic.

    The baby was very ill for days, the mother couldn’t sleep for fear he might die and NOBODY would listen to her concerns that her baby wasn’t right.

    So she turned to my daughter for help. I sent an SOS to my wonderful anti-vaxx friends who gave some helpful advice and a good doctor in her area. The baby is now recovering and the mother said she had no idea and is very angry. She has started researching and says she will NEVER vaccinate her kids again!

    • I’m glad she had you to turn to but it’s such a travesty that a child has to be taken to the brink of death before parents WAKE UP and start to investigate that could literally kill their children. Even if a reaction is not quite this severe at the outset, the cumulative subtle reactions can be equally as devastating long term.

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