Doctors Often Avoid Flu Shots

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When a Doctor suggest, or even intimidate you and your family, to get a flu shot, have you ever wondered if that Doctor got a flu shot for his or herself? We often fail to realize the benefit in asking this question. The fact is, most of these Doctors and Nurses don’t even want a flu shot for themselves, yet have no issue pushing the flu shot to you and yours. Most hospitals don’t require Doctors and Nurses to get a flu shot. The hospitals typically just suggest it. But hospitals are now moving to push for mandatory flu shots.

According to Benefits Pro.

…in a new paper published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, a medical journal.

When the survey was conducted, just under 43 percent of the infection preventionists at 386 hospitals said that their hospital currently required flu shots for staff. However, an additional 10 percent said their hospital would begin to require the shot for the next flu season. That means it is likely that, two years later, a majority of hospitals are making their doctors, nurses and administrative employees get the vaccines that they keep telling patients they need to get.

So if “infection preventionists” don’t want the shot, why would they want you to have it? In my opinion, any Doctor pushing a flu vaccine should be made to take one themselves. And if they choose not to take one, they should be forced to wear something which identifies them as someone who declined the shot. The simple fact is, many Doctors know that flu shots are dangerous and useless in preventing the flu, but they succumb to the pharmaceutical company line.

Should you ask your Doctor if they received their own flu shot? If they request that you or your family take one, the answer is “absolutely yes you should.” Sure, they may lie to you, but at least maybe they won’t see you as a door mat for pharmaceutical profits. Maybe they will stop seeing you as just another “customer.”

I am not for mandatory vaccines for any group. My point however, is that Doctors who push flu shots have no excuse for not having one themselves and they should be forced to identify their flu shot status if they intend to push that specific pharma product. If hospitals have a problem with health care worker vaccination rates, what does that tell you about the flu shot? If mandatory vaccinations are being touted as the “solution” for the “issue,” then that tells us there is more to the story on flu vaccines. Doctors and nurses reside on the front lines. They see the injuries and the failures in an intimate environment. If they don’t want to the product injected into their bodies, then neither should you.

There is no reasonable excuse for a Doctor who pushes a flu shot to avoid taking one themselves. Identifying these Doctors who participate in such hypocrisy should be made known to us. That’s just basic personal protection.

image credit: pixabay

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