URGENT: Message To Parents About Vaccine Exemptions

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This is a press release we'd like to share, it comes from the San Diego SB277 referendum team

Submit Your Vaccine-Exemptions before the deadline, December 31st, 2015

We Strongly Urge You to Share This!

Do you know about the new mandate SB277?

Parents must know the new law mandates 10 vaccines plus the boosters for their child to begin or continue to attend school.  To opt-out of even one vaccine they need to file a vaccine exemption .Vaccine-Exemptions.com is a website created to provide a clear path for securing vaccine exemptions and other vaccine opt-out options such as titers.  Many people have personal reasons why they choose to selectively vaccinate and not get every vaccine included in the mandate. Parents need to be adequately informed on the new law, SB277 and that is why we are launching the New Site Vaccine-Exemptions.com.

Vaccine-exemptions.com is a website created by the San Diego SB277 referendum team to provide a clear path for securing vaccine exemptions and other vaccine opt-out options such as immunity titers.   

We are asking that each of us forward this message to all on your list and ask them to forward the message as widely to their networks as possible.  We have a very short time to help all California residents aware of the law and make sure those who choose vaccine exemptions are able to submit them in time.    

We are asking you to forward this message immediately.

We made the site to be neutral enough such that the mainstream public feels comfortable forwarding it, even those in the medical field.

We have included a sample message for you to send out with some suggestions for distribution so that we can reach as many people as possible.

We will continue to build on this site and have plans to include a ‘find a doctor’ app in January.

Our goal is to make this site the ‘go to’ place for medical exemptions and to continue spread awareness so you can protect your constitutional rights.   



Make Sure You Reach Every One!

Use social media to post the following:

http://www.vaccine-exemptions.com/  #VaxEx, #SB277Ex, #schoolEx, #CAEx

Opting-out of even one vaccine is no longer an option! Hurry, deadline is Dec.31st! Buy yourself time to have the following discussions with your doctor or health practitioner. Please take a moment to forward the below message to as many California residents as possible.

Share With:

Friends & family (in address book on email)

Friends on facebook

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Other organizations

Doctors- ask your doctor to forward to his or her patients

Schools organizations

Ask your teacher to forward it to the PTA


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