Double Trouble From Two Respiratory Mystery Illnesses

Both people and dogs are being hit hard by “mystery” respiratory viruses. What or who  is the culprit, and do these illnesses have anything in common?

Americans are hearing reports out of Warren County, Ohio, regarding an extremely high number of pediatric pneumonia cases; since August, the county has reported 145 cases, which qualifies as an outbreak. A frenzy around the cases sparked quickly with rumors that a “new respiratory disease” was the cause of a potential “pandemic.” Children between the age of three and 14 are presenting with breathing difficulty, lungs full of fluid, and dangerously low oxygen levels that, if sustained, could cause brain damage. While 145 cases is very high, this hardly constitutes hospitals being “overrun” with cases.

Ohio is the first state to report an outbreak, which comes on the heels of the clusters of pediatric pneumonia being reported in China. On November 30, the ever-diligent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with brand new director Dr. Mandy Cohen, assured Congress there was nothing to see here. Yet as both the CDC and Ohio health officials tell people not to panic, China has thousands of cases and Denmark and the Netherlands are not far behind. CDC says that the Ohio and Chinese cases are certainly not linked. How do they know?

The CDC assures everyone that “we do not believe this is a new or novel pathogen”. China is saying the same. Instead, Cohen says the cases are mycoplasma pneumonia, and she says the cases are resulting from existing conditions like mycoplasma, but also flu, COVID and RSV.

Certainly, it can’t be COVID, given the rapid testing to immediately find new strains, right? Wrong. The Chinese ministry is saying that the cases are coming because it is the first winter since they’ve lifted COVID restrictions. The ministry was also quick to point out that they too have linked the cases to other viruses such as RSV, flu, and rhinoviruses. The mycoplasma seems to be gripping the entire country. Over 7,000 patients per day are being admitted to one Beijing children’s hospital; similar numbers are being seen in other provinces, including Tianjin’s largest pediatric hospital, which saw 13,000 patients in one day.

China’s solution? They’re going to give children and the elderly more flu vaccines and encourage them to wear masks. They’re already back to fumigating all the classrooms in the schools. The World Health Organization (WHO) is following in close pursuit, saying that children are now contracting illnesses that they didn’t contract because draconian COVID-19 restrictions kept the children safe. Seriously? Certainly, the cause of the disease can’t be COVID. After all, world health officials dug their hole deeper on that one, given the rapid testing to immediately find new strains. If they admit a strain “slipped” by them, their credibility is (further) diminished. Let’s face it, this just doesn’t fit the narrative.

Other doctors say there is no reason to panic. There is no mystery pneumonia and no novel virus. These diseases are simply what most countries dealt with when it was normal, you know, before the COVID era. China experienced a very harsh lockdown, so the waves of disease post-COVID era could be much more substantial in China, the experts say.

The public disease surveillance system ProMED sounded the alarm on the pneumonia cases on November 21; ProMED was also first to raise the alarm in 2019 over COVID-19 cases. The group was established in 1994 by the International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID), which has members in over 25 countries to constantly monitor global health security.

I find it interesting that scientists are perplexed by the cause of this illness. As ProMED notes: “the cases suggest a widespread outbreak of an undiagnosed respiratory illness in several areas of China at once.” They go on to note that Beijing and Liaoning are almost 800 km apart yet the virus hit at the same time. Adults are not affected, just children, so they suspect exposure at schools (thus the fumigation). Ohio has a similar narrative: “there has not been a definitive etiology determined or a common thread linking these pneumonias. We have an ongoing investigation to examine possible linkages and risk factors.”

The elephant in the room is this: could the COVID vaccines be the cause?

Absolutely. How do we know? Because Pfizer lists it as an adverse effect on page 7 of its adverse events list. The condition could be vaccine-enhanced disease to any respiratory virus, not just Covid-19. Dr. Tenpenny sounded an early trumpet on this when she wrote 40 Mechanisms of Injury caused by these vaccines. The children were injected or perhaps their pregnant mothers were injected with the now-known toxins from the mRNA (modRNA) jabs. When they contract a respiratory virus, it becomes very serious for them, and perhaps even fatal.

The Mystery Dog Respiratory Illness

Dogs all over the country are “fighting for their lives”, so the mainstream media tells us. These illnesses start with a light cough that quickly turns into a serious cough with dangerously low blood oxygen levels. Veterinary hospitals are seeing more and more cases.

This virus is also being labeled as a mysterious respiratory illness, and like the human Ohio cases, also started an uptick in August. Multiple states have reported hundreds of cases. The disease presents in a similar fashion to kennel cough, which is caused by a bacterial infection. However, the new respiratory virus lasts longer and is much more severe. Antibiotics don’t seem to be working, and dogs need oxygen support. Dr. David Needle, a senior veterinary pathologist at the University of New Hampshire, has isolated a small DNA sequence of a potentially disease-causing microbe that may be the culprit. a lead on what the culprit might be; he thinks it may have been stalking canines for some time. In 2022, Needle’s team began looking at nasal and oral swabs taken from sick dogs in New England, in cases where no known cause of disease was found and the dogs weren’t responsive to treatment. They found a small DNA sequence of a potential disease-causing microbe in 21 of the initial 30 animal samples screened.

While Needle suspects that it is a new host-adapted bacterium that has evolved over thousands of years, there are holes in this theory, given that many dogs who have respiratory illnesses are not testing positive for this DNA fragment.

We would do well to remember that we live in a manufactured ‘post-pandemic world’, and every new disease is going to be designed to scare the living daylights out of people. The reality is that dogs typically experience seasonal respiratory diseases. Is this truly another mystery disease or is it just more hype and fear porn?

As holistic veterinarian Dr. Will Falconer so eloquently puts it, we are fresh off the COVID-19 mystery, so we need another mystery illness right now. The respiratory disease has been named aCIRD (atypical canine infectious respiratory disease). Falconer says it is not only atypical because of the longer-lasting cough, but also because the typical bacteria and viruses are not to blame. Given the short DNA sequence isolated by Needle, Falconer suspects that the cause is mycoplasma.

The reality is that, despite fear mongering headlines about the mystery dog illness spreading to 14 states, the disease is only fatal in dogs who already have underlying health issues prior to becoming ill with the respiratory virus. This is ringing a bell, but I just can’t put my finger on it….oh, wait, yes, it sounds just like Covid-19. And just like people, dogs are much more likely to catch disease in close quarters of others who have the disease. Falconer says that unless your dog is going to a kennel or a mass dog gathering, the odds of contracting this illness are pretty remote.

Falconer is the first to say that the disease should be looked at more closely, but right now, the symptoms being reported are far too general and Needle’s DNA evidence to date is inconclusive. It is worth noting, that just like in humans, vaccination can also be a cause of illness in canines. More cases with detailed symptoms are needed to truly find the root cause, so until then, dog owners should let common sense prevail.

But sadly, that likely will not happen, because we live in a world of pandemic fear porn. Most of us consider ourselves to be in a post-pandemic era, but let’s face it, many among us will continue living in a pandemic state in perpetuity. We may never see the end of knee-jerk reactions to every little illness, endless testing, and of course blindly vaccinating everyone with two legs (and our four-legged friends as well) into oblivion — for every possible thing.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work. 

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