Earn $3,500 As Human Vaccine Test Subject At St. Louis Hotel

The ultimate vacation dream has finally come true. You can earn $3,500 dollars and stay at a hotel in St. Louis, as well, you get subjected to the flu and flu shots.

That’s right, a St. Louis University research team is so desperate to test out new flu vaccines that they are willing to pay people to stay in a flu infested hotel and eventually get a flu shot. The flu virus will be shot as a nasal spray inside of your nose. Following that, you will either get a real flu shot or a placebo.

The research team will then monitor your symptoms of the flu and decide how effective the flu vaccine is. There are 24 hotel rooms at the Salus Center ready to host this flu-vention.

Ultimately, this is vaccine testing on humans. The researcher’s goal is to “not harm them too much.”

“The real question for me ethically is, if you’re not benefiting people, you have to be careful about not harming them too much, and they know what they are getting into and are freely choosing it,” said Stephanie Solomon Cargill, an associate professor of health care ethics at the university. “You wouldn’t want to expose someone to a permanent illness with no cure.”

“We’re doing everything we possibly can to be as safe as possible,” said Dr. Daniel Hoft, director of the university’s Center for Vaccine Development.

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