New Court Ruling Could Force Fluoride Ban

fluoride ban
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A Federal court in the Northern District of California has denied a motion by the Environmental Protection Agency that attempted to conceal information related to fluoridation. The EPA’s attempt to stop the banning of fluoridation, essentially, is now in jeopardy of failing. The EPA was attempting to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to ban mass fluoridation, the suit cites the Toxic Substances Control Act as its justification.

This is a monstrous victory for those who want to see mass fluoridation banned and puts on display changing attitudes regarding the safety and usefulness of fluoride at the highest of levels.

According to Activist Post, the lawsuit was conceived by Food and Water Watch Inc, which is a coalition of numerous health advocates who stand strong against mass fluoridation. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) gives citizens the right to petition the EPA regarding chemicals. The EPA originally rejected citizens filing a petition against fluoride, an act which prompted the current lawsuit.

According to National Review Law

In denying the EPA’s motion, the court specifically held that the phrase “de novo proceeding” indicates that Congress intended a broad scope of review because the word “proceeding” encompasses all regular activities of a lawsuit, including discovery beyond the administrative record. Because the purpose of the TSCA is to protect the public from chemicals that pose unreasonable risks to health and the environment, the court held that “[a] de novo proceeding in district court modeled after traditional trial-like proceedings would not conflict with the purpose of the TSCA, but would instead effectuate it.”

Why we have to debate whether or not the government infuses our natural resources with chemicals is beyond the scope of reason and logic; it is certainly not compliant with liberty. If people want fluoride, they can obtain freely via a great number of sources. We shouldn’t be forcing it on the masses unreasonably.


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