Tulsa Dr Says Parents Claiming Vaccines Are Safe ‘Merely Arrogance Masking Ignorance’

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Tulsa physician, Jim Meehan, is taking on vaccines in one of his recent Facebook post. In his post, Dr. Meehan calls vaccines an unsettled science and those parents “Claiming now that you vaccinated your child because you were “fully aware” is merely arrogance masking ignorance.”

He goes on to say that parents who claim they are “fully aware” are using a “subconscious psychological defense mechanism” to cover up guilt over exposing their child to a potentially dangerous vaccine(s).

He goes on…

When people like you eventually realize that they weren’t anywhere close to being “fully aware” that their children were injected with active #retroviruses capable of #InsertionalMutagenesis, that is, capable of inserting the myriad (aborted fetal) human, animal, and insect DNA directly into the genome of their children, then they will become “fully aware” of the lies, fraud, corruption, and reasons that so many children and young adults are suffering more autoimmune disease, cancer, and neurodevelopmental disorders than at any time in history. And if they ever overcome their ignorance and understand the truth of what we’ve been saying about the pseudoscience and corruption supporting the CDC and AAP’s vaccine demands, they will understand why I’m so passionate about exposing and ending this tragedy. Unfortunately, for them and their children, it will be too late.

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I have no financial biases. I have no dog in this fight. I have nothing to gain and everything to lose in fighting the pharmaceutical industry and medical establishment. I do this at great cost to my reputation in medicine and perhaps even my life. Nevertheless, I will not let fear prevent me from honoring the dual oaths I took as a member of the U.S. armed forces, to protect our country from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC, and as a physician, to do no harm.

Read his full post below.

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