EXCLUSIVE: Mark Grenon of Genesis Church and Sons Found Guilty and Sentenced

On Friday, October 6, 2023, after a two-day trial, Mark Grenon of Genesis Church and his three sons were found guilty and sentenced.  A federal judge found them guilty where the Grenons represented themselves. They have been waiting for their right to a speedy trial and have been in jail without bail since the summer/fall of 2020.

Mark, 66, and his son Joseph, 36, were sentenced to five years; his two other sons, Jonathan Grenon, 37, and Jordan Grenon, 29, were sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison for defrauding the government and contempt of court, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida said in a news release.

The press release reads:

“Leaders of “Genesis II Church of Health and Healing,” who sold toxic bleach as a fake “Miracle” cure for COVID-19 and other serious diseases, were sentenced …”

My heart cries at the injustice. The sentence is insane. 

 Mark Grenon is my friend. And what is more, the same FDA operation that went after him, came after me. So this hits close to home. Given my discoveries on how this construct works, which includes a deep dive into Tavistock along with my personal experience, I now believe the powers that be (or systems in place) tailor their torture to the person of interest. 

Church of Bleach and Orange Man

Do you remember on April 27, 2020, when President Trump told Americans to drink bleach? Except that’s what the whore media told you he said. Trump did NOT say drink detergent!  He spoke as a layman and was saying to harness the information we know about UV and detergents. He was not succinct and the whore media manipulated the message and ran with it. 

Many of us suspect Trump was referring to chlorine dioxide, also called MMS or Miracle Mineral Salts. 

Around March 2020, the FDA began sending Warning Letters under Operation Quack Hack. Mark Grenon, who has donated MMS to consenting adults and has used it himself, was one of the first 50 to receive a Warning Letter. The injunction ordered his website to be taken down and its supplies destroyed. He responded via letter versus showing up in person as he was living in Colombia. 

Earlier, Grenon had appeared on Alex Jones where he was touting the benefits of MMS in relation to the Coronavirus.

“You know how most have disclaimers? As a church, I have a proclaimer. I can say the “C” (*cure) word all day long,” Grenon told me when I reached out to learn more. In May, following the first letter, a federal judge sent him a court order.

His interview with Alex Jones was taken down. He was literally banned from Banned TV.

Given my whistle-blowing big mouth, I am not surprised I wound up in the crosshairs of Operation Quack Hack.

On or around April 11, 2020, while under lockdown in the jungle of Costa Rica, Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies received an email from Alex Jones. He referenced an FDA letter, dated March 26, which mentioned a video I’d titled Coronavirus: Is This the Virus That Didn’t Cry, Wolf?  Zach, who was independently sponsored by Alex Jones at the time, had hired me to co-host/co-produce. On January 16, 2020, we filmed “A Man on the Street” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame about the coronavirus. I published the video on YouTube on February 9. My entire channel was deleted months later. The segment referred to taking silver to build your immune system. Ironically, I was plugging Alex Jones’ silver and not HoneyColony’s.

(Take a Peak at the video. We were in the future. No one knew it was going to be a Pandy. But we did). 

In my case, the FDA then came after HoneyColony for selling Vitamin C and silver in connection to the Coronavirus. We didn’t use the “C” word, but seemingly the Ministry of Truth had decided that the word ‘preventative’ with respect to bolstering the immune system and Coronavirus was just too much. I had to scrub my website and the post on social media. And then we were allowed to operate again. 

In regards to the Grenons, on July 8, 2020, with choppers circling overhead and mainstream media deployed to write scathing lies, U.S. marshals in Hazmat suits and guns raided Genesis Church’s office in Bradenton, Florida. They confiscated money from a safe by bashing it open when they could have just as easily asked Grenon to open it. Authorities seized 50 gallons of muriatic acid and 8,300 pounds of sodium chloride, as well as 22 gallons of the finished Miracle Mineral Solution.

“We may be the scapegoats, but they will regret the day they went after a church,” Grenon told me. “We are prepared to return to the United States, but we’re not running or turning ourselves in, and we’re coming with the full force of the law.”

The FDA stated that Genesis Church did not show up in court and that it was not enough to respond to the injunction letter with another letter or a series of letters. The government also seized their bank accounts, denying the church access to funds that might be used for its own legal defense.

“This is one of the key elements of government tyranny: When they terrorize you with false arrest, they also seize your financial assets so you are unable to defend yourself against the full force of the government, which has access to unlimited funds to prosecute you,” said Mike Adams aka The Health Ranger, who helped me break the Quack Hack story, given the limits to my reach. 

In August, Grenon and his son Joseph were arrested in Colombia. They put them in masks and shackles and shipped them to jail.

I was able to speak to him almost every day in the early days. How? Because the Columbian government didn’t care. They get paid 20K a head a month for keeping someone in prison.  Mark got to share a room with his son. He had a cell phone. He was on Telegram. He gave interviews. He got to go outside, and once a month, he even was granted a sleepover with his wife. It was similar to all of us who were freshly locked down. It was a joke. 

In December 2021,  I helped organize a prison protest in Miami for the sons with Christopher Keys a.k.a The Vaccine Police. A whopping 11 people showed up. The sons flashed little mirrors from the slits that serve as windows. It was dystopian. 

At the time, I was being followed by Radical Media for a six-part series that would appear on Peacock/ NBC called Shadowland, a shitty reality series parading as a documentary. The producers left 90 percent of my story on the cutting room floor. It was devastating and they aimed to destroy my reputation so, no need to watch it, but you can watch my rebuttal here

I had encouraged the woke masked crew to document the prison protest because I foolishly believed that even bad publicity was good publicity. Wrong. Not when there is an understanding to NOT mention any of the five or so characters in the series. For instance, Time Magazine wrote a review without mentioning any of our names. 

None of the participants were invited to the premiere either. I didn’t know at the time that The Atlantic was involved. At the film festival, they literally hosted a soiree on the legacy of Fauci, with the Plandemic Impresario on hand. They broke for happy hour and then screened the premiere episode. Chances are Fauci watched it too. The entire film festival was “brought to you by Pfizer.” I couldn’t write it any better.

  Safe to say that while they did cover the protest, it did nothing to help the Grenons. My strategy had failed. One thing that did happen, was that shortly after the series aired, in July 2022, Mark and Joseph were extradited back to the U.S. 

In good ol’ America, however, the conditions were much worse. Once in Miami, they were quarantined for at least a week to make sure they were Rona-free. The system wanted to inject them with the COVID-19 “vaccine” but they refused. 

A month or two later, they suddenly told Mark he was being shipped off to a Psych prison for an evaluation. They knew damn well there was nothing wrong with his mental health. This is when “Diesel Therapy” came in – a form of punishment where inmates are shackled and deliberately transported for days or weeks to incorrect destinations. A useless jaunt for jailers, I guess you can say. The term refers to the diesel fuel used for prisoner transport vehicles.  

Mark was shuffled around in shackles for three months, sometimes in tunnels. He was taken to another jail in Florida, then another in Texas, and then finally Oklahoma. They checked between his butt cheeks for drugs and injected him with a TB vaccine. Finally, he was returned. 

The federal detention center at 33 Northeast 4th Street in Miami is not better. There are no windows. None of the prisoners get any sun, which means they are deprived of Vitamin D. They are forced to drink poisonous tap water, and eat processed garbage food. And the building is riddled with mold. I can’t imagine. 

I tried to see Mark but only immediate relatives are allowed to visit.   

Liars, Liars, FDA Pants on Fire

The FDA has gone after chlorine dioxide for decades. 

According to the press release:

“Before marketing MMS as a cure for COVID-19, the Grenons marketed MMS as a miracle cure-all for dozens of other serious diseases and disorders, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and leukemia, even though the FDA had not approved MMS for any use. The Grenons sold tens of thousands of bottles of MMS nationwide, including to consumers throughout South Florida.” 

They claim the Grenons received more than $1 million from selling MMS. 

The statement that “FDA has not approved MMS “for any other use” is not quite true – more like Double Speak.  

CLO2 is FDA-approved and considered an additive that may be used as an antimicrobial agent in water used to wash fruits and vegetables. It’s also used to purify water. Meanwhile, proponents say that the right dose of Chlorine dioxide is anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, & anti-bacterial. 

“The FDA is criminally complicit in manipulating the public & hiding science on CLO2 with the demonization “Bleach” campaign,” wrote someone on Twitter-X.  

Hundreds of thousands have used chlorine dioxide with success, including myself. 

The Ongoing Quest For Justice 

The mainstream media had a field day, parroting the false charges and testimonies of the corrupt court, and the pathetic FDA. It’s such a political farce, demonic Pharma attempting to corral us all into submission.

Supporters of the Grenons are hoping they will promptly file an appeal and demand the Supreme Court uphold their rights.

 “The lower corporate court is totally corrupt and doesn’t care about truth or doing what’s right,” said a supporter via a communal mailing list.  “The sentences are unjust given that they have already been incarcerated for more than three years, we are collectively devastated.”

The slander and subterfuge of the media, the court, and the FDA are an insult to those of us who care and are paying attention.

Continue to pray for Bishop Grenon, his sons, and, his entire family.  Show them your love and support.

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