FDA Approves Super Vaccine (6 in 1 Shot) To Launch By 2020


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new 6-1 vaccine that is supposed to prevent against six illnesses. Sanofi, the maker of what is being called Vaxelis, partnered with pharmaceutical giant Merck on the pediatric super-vaccine.

Vaxelis is intended for children 6-months to 4-years in age. Sanofi says the vaccine prevents poliomyelitis, hepatitis B, pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria, and diseases related to haemophilus influenzae type B. All of the illnesses are covered by the CDC’s original immunization recommendation chart. This likely means that Vaxelis will have little issue being pushed as “mandatory” in states which already impose stringent laws.

Both Sanofi and Merck believe that Vaxelis should be ready for distribution by 2020.

The warnings and precautions page details numerous warnings and risk that could possibly be associated with Vaxelis.

vaxelis side effects

The news immediately prompted concern from groups that aim to improve vaccine safety. Many believe that a 6 in 1 shot is too heavy for a small baby. Additionally, when things go wrong, it is difficult to determine what caused the issue.


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3 Comments on "FDA Approves Super Vaccine (6 in 1 Shot) To Launch By 2020"

  1. Thank you for that excellent and well thought out reply. Now I’m just waiting to see how many people actually READ my post on “How to be a great thinker,” by John Stuart Mill.

    • Tom: I do my best to keep up with moderating the site, but in the last year, my focus has been on building the content for the 8-week Mastering Vaccine Info (next open enrollment: Feb. 21) and for VaccineU (still aways away from opening). I appreciate your comments and your support.

  2. I would look to the work being done in Italy in regards to vaccines. This is a country that has kicked out its puppet government and it’s “scientific panel of experts” and replaced them all. It is now examining all the vaccinations they have in that country using independent science. What they found with the first vaccine they completed testing for is that it had zero benefits and approximately 65 different toxins that have no use in the human body, some of which were unidentifiable. Previously, one of the top nanoparticle scientists teamed up with her husband (also a scientist) to examine vaccinations. What they found was very concerning. The authorities had moved in and arrested the couple, destroyed their work etc. It is my belief that the whole chemical medicine era will be seen to be the dark ages of medicine in the future – especially once we fully explore the potential of multidimensional physics. Would I personally ever allow someone to inject me with known toxins directly into my bloodstream? My answer is NO. Corrupt people produce corrupt science and corrupt data. True science unbound by the limitations of money is what is required.

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