FLU HYSTERIA: Alberta Claims 2,800 Hospitalized, 86 Dead ‘Lower Vaccines Not The Problem’

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Flu hysteria continues to lead local headlines all over the world. This time, the focal point is Alberta, Canada, who’s health officials claim that this season’s influenza season has placed 2,800 in the hospital and claimed the lives of 86 persons. But here’s the kicker: those same health officials have admitted that the increased flu cases have not been the result of fewer flu vaccines.

According to ctvnews

The increase in deaths is not the result of fewer vaccinations as AHS confirms that roughly 100,000 more vaccinations were administered this season than the previous flu season provincewide (1,224,702 in 2017-2018 compared to 1,171,825 in 2016-2017).

This is an important admission as it shows that health officials realize that the flu shot has been largely ineffective. Typically, flu hysteria media reporting leads to the advice that more people need flu shots. However, in this case, it is fairly obvious that health officials know better. What’s more? They confirm that MORE vaccinations were given this year than the prior year (+100k).

So more flu shots and more flu deaths and hospitalizations? Either the flu shot is spawning worse flu cases, or the shot instills a false sense of safety in people who take it and they end up not utilizing typical flu prevention methods.

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