German Kindergartens May Be Forced To Turn In Anti-Vaccine Parents To Government

The German government has announced what comes down to a vaccine “snitch” program reminiscent of programs used by the Nazis during Hitler’s reign.  The goverment is now asking that kindregartens notify the government of parents who can’t prove they attended a doctors consultation regarding vaccines. This measure is being voted on this coming Thursday, according to ctvnews.

The government is citing the maneuver as a way to “increase the country’s vaccination rates. Vaccination rates in Germany have dropped off in recent years. German authorities are already in a position to fine parents who refuse vaccine consultations. The fines average around $2800 (US).

Germany is using 410 reported measles cases this year as a way to fast track facsist legislations such as the one described above. The government reports that a 37 year old woman died from the illness.

Turning in parents for not adhering to pharmaceutical injections is eerily similar to Nazi’s telling citizins to snitch on Jews. It is incredible that this is somehow flying under the radar in terms of human rights. This comes down to what the future likely brings, vaccine papers. People will need to carry around their vaccine papers and will be asked to show them at the request of government agencies, such as police or CDC officials.

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