RFK Jr. Headlines Autism Vaccines Conference

RFK Jr. Headlines Autism Vaccines Conference

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. continues to maintain that vaccines and autism are linked together. He’s been pushing for vaccine safety, even having been elected to Trump’s Vaccine Safety Committee.

Of course, he’s battling the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and many other scientific groups. That, however, hasn’t stopped him from speaking out. And such was the case last Thursday when he was addressing the 15th annual national conference of AutismOne in Colorado.

“The studies are devastating, but they don’t have to be taken seriously by the mainstream – the vaccine program is part of this matrix of corruption,” Kennedy said.

This is the first time since that AutismOne has hosted it’s event in Colorado Springs, having historically hosted it in Chicago.

“Colorado is very receptive to the healing benefits of cannabis,” said AutismOne founder Ed Arranga as to why the venue change. “A lot of families who have children with autism move to Colorado for the access. Children with autism can get better.”

Many speakers puched canabis therapy, which many pharmaceutical companies have lobbied against. The event pulled in around 1,ooo attendees, mostly parents of children with autism, with a smaller showing of medical professionals.

The group maintains that autism is a “preventable, treatable biomedical condition.”

Kennedy met twice with President Trump regarding the matter, though, not much headway has been made.

“Nobody knows to this day the public health impacts,” he said during his presentation of thimerosal.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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