Google’s Funding Universal Flu Vaccine Via Venture Capitalist Arm

Photo by C.E. Kent Photo by C.E. Kent

This year’s flu season has been a parade of chaos. First came the poor flu shot results data, which showed the flu shot being only 10% effective. Next came the mainstream media claiming that the flu is now the worst it has ever been all over the world. Emergency rooms are so packed all over the world that wait times are hours and in London, people calling for ambulances have been asked to take a cab in some cases.

Worse more, there have been many misdiagnosed cases. Take the sad case of Alyssa Alcaraz, who was told she had the flu, only to end up dying from septic shock as a result of undiagnosed strep.

This has led many to believe that the mainstream media is creating false flags as a way to push for more people to get more ineffective flu shots. What a circus.

Now, a new universal flu vaccine is gaining steam. A company named Vaccitech is receiving large amounts of funding to produce this universal flu shot. And it just received a huge sum, to the tune of $27 million, from Google’s venture capitalist arm. The donor company, GV, who is also the venture capital arm of Google parent Alphabet Inc., hopes the money will help fund a two-year clinical trial.

In order to achieve a universal flu vaccine, Vaccitech, using big venture capitalist money, will have to find a way to accommodate ever-changing and elusive flu strains. The current state of flu vaccines is undeniably poor. However, the new media fear mongering over the flu might do well to shuffle the herd in for a universal flu shot. Until that also fails, of course.

Consider the vast power here that Google could yield in pushing any vaccine, particularly a flu shot. They could essentially sway people via manipulated search engine listings. Google news is a huge source for mainstream media information. The deck would be stacked against any flu shot naysayers in prompt fashion.

Vaccitech is also attempting to create a shot to fight Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and prostate cancer. Yes, they are attempting to create a  prostate cancer vaccine.

Photo by C.E. Kent

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2 Comments on "Google’s Funding Universal Flu Vaccine Via Venture Capitalist Arm"

  1. Better to have a “Rife Machine”

  2. That is very nice of Google….though, Google should stay out of the Medical Business. Flu Vaccine’s are bullshit ! The “Medical Establishment” doesn’t even know what strain they are making the vaccine for each year !

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