Hepatitis A vaccines being pushed in midwest has more deaths reported

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Indiana health officials are encouraging residents who plan to travel to Michigan or Kentucky to get their hepatitis A vaccines.

According to NBC 4 out of Indiana, the Department of Health says significant outbreaks of the liver-damaging hepatitis A virus have been reported in Kentucky and Michigan.

The DOH claims that Kentucky has diagnosed more than 300 cases of the highly contagious viral infection and Michigan has bad more than 800 diagnosed with 25 deaths. Indiana stands at 77, already 57 above the annual average for the state. West Virginia has reported 20 cases.

Getting vaccinated and washing hands are being recommended by DOH officials.

Hepatitis A is a sanitary issue. It is spread when people ingest Hep A contaminated foods and water. Cleanliness, as it turns out, is a powerful defender of health. But vaccines certainly do drive revenue for the manufacturers.

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