How To Have Amalgam Mercury Filings Removed Safely

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Amalgam fillings are the silver colored fillings most notorious for possessing 50% mercury.The UN Environment Programme has in the past, attempted to cut down on the use of mercury in fillings. The EU mercury regulation has also put forth legislation which would ban the use of amalgam for breastfeeding mothers and children under 15. But it may take until 2030 to put any of this in place.

The major concern is that the mercury inside of these fillings has been show to evaporate into the body. Several influences, such as the type of liquid the amalgam filled person intakes (hot liquids notoriously vaporize more mercury) and teeth grinding can determine how much mercury a person may be exposed to. Additionally, some people have more than just one mercury filling, putting themselves in harm’s way for even more mercury exposure.

Multiple sclerosis, infertility, depression, cardiovascular disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease have all been linked to dental mercury amalgam fillings.

Due to all of this, many people decide to have the amalgam fillings removed. The problem is, however, that removing these fillings also comes with dangers.


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