Huff Post Claims Not Vaccinating Homeschool Kids Is Illegal

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The Huffington Post wrote an article back in 2015 that seems to imply that homeschool children may be required, by law, to get vaccinations in the same way that public school kids must be compliant. The article is making the rounds once again and fueling a backlash due both to its potential inaccuracies, as well as its tone of attempting to cause selective outrage towards homeschool parents who may choose not to vaccinate via some, or all, CDC recommended vaccinations.

The article posted a graph that even goes so far as to show states such as Pennsylvania requiring proof of vaccination for homeschool children. In essence, the article essentially says that many states, such as Pennsylvania, California, New Mexico and others, are full mandatory vaccination states without limits on public, private or home school statuses.

Via Huffington Post:

Half of U.S. states don’t require home-school students to be vaccinated against diseases that include measles, chickenpox and hepatitis B, according to an organization that advocates greater oversight of home schooling.

Forty-eight states require public school students to get vaccinations before entering kindergarten, allowing exemptions based on medical circumstances, and for religious or philosophical reasons. In Mississippi and West Virginia, public school students must be vaccinated unless they have medical reasons. But even in states with strict vaccination rules, home-school students can be free from immunization requirements.

They also go on to further propose that states without mandatory homeschool vaccinations should present new legislation which resolves the matter.

“Home-school students sort of cluster together,” facilitating the spread of disease, said Rachel Coleman, executive director of Coalition for Responsible Home Education.


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