‘Let’s talk about vaccines’ Event Taken Down After Massive Backlash

In Australia, freedom of speech is no longer something residents should take for granted, particularly when it comes to the vaccine movement. Australia has been reduced to draconian positions when it comes to diversities in opinions or fundamental parental medical options. The indoctrinated herd have become the state’s legion of reliable soldiers who squash any events, rhetoric, or ads they find to be contrarian to their pro-pharmaceutical beliefs. In Australia, the war has nothing to do with being pro-vaccine as opposed to anti-vaccine, it has everything to do with limiting anyone’s ability to even question as little as one vaccine’s safety or effectiveness.

The case of The City of Sydney council placing an “anti-vaccine” event on their Website as a part of a general calendar of events is a prime example of the unrelenting herd’s subjugation plays. The event, “Let’s talk about vaccines,” was scheduled as a normal part of the council’s monthly events, until the herd discovered it and lambasted it. The event posed a question for those who’d be attending: “Government, media and the medical community are pushing more and more vaccines on us. Why?”

This did not sit well in a country that’s offering up blind support for pharmaceutical companies and government officials. Dr Judith Wilyman was to lead the event, in coordination with No Jab No Pay No Way – Freedom of Choice anti-vaccination group.

The anger and fallout was immediately known on social media outlets.

Why do they fear the other side’s perspective to such a degree they need to decide what information people are exposed to? The anti-vaccination community remains small, no matter how much information is allowed to pipe through free speech portals. Is there something more to fear? I believe that when communities choose to squash freedom of speech, it often makes them appear guilty of covering up information. Why would any person want elitists to decide what information you are exposed to? Think about that for a few minutes.

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