Louisiana Coroner Is Now Encouraging Flu Shots (I’m Not Kidding)

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The media is now treating the flu as if it were Ebola, utilizing nightly coverage of the virus as a tool to terrify the herd. And no doubt, it is working. But the media has been shy to point out that the flu shot has been such a massive failure that it’s hardly worth getting. Rather, the news is continuing to push the idea that everyone should go in to get a failed flu shot as a means to protect themselves from the terrible flu. I would almost think the act of going to a pharmacy or Doctor’s office to get the flu shot would offer more risk than reward, seeing you’d be venturing out into a space likely occupied by those who have contracted the flu.

This latest news byte, however, might take the cake. A Lousiana ABC affiliate ran a lone story on how important it is to get a flu shot using a coroner. Give yourself a few seconds to really digest what I just said.

WGNO interviewed St. Tammany Parish Coroner Dr. Charles Preston about the flu and flu shots. In what reads like an article from The Onion, the entire article is composed of the Coroner’s two main quotes regarding the flu.

“Influenza has been particularly harsh this year, and it is not to be taken lightly,” Preston said. “Flu and pneumonia are the eighth-leading cause of death in the United States, and is not to be taken lightly.”


“While the mechanism of increased protection is not specifically elucidated in recent studies, it makes since that with repeated vaccinations there may be some element of immunologic memory from season to season – or vaccine to vaccine – that contributes to a protective effect in this high-risk population,” Preston said. “Most insurance companies pay 100 percent of the cost of the flu vaccine, and the State of Louisiana is offering free vaccines to uninsured citizens on Jan. 31, at multiple locations around the state. It is not too late to get the vaccination, and you cannot contract influenza from the vaccine. In the strongest possible terms, I encourage everyone over six months of age to have a flu shot.”

That’s the entire article. The news literally used an “agent of death” to fear-monger the herd. It would be more laughable if it were less authentic. Will the Grim Reaper be the next to weigh in?

Photo by Jo Naylor


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