Midwife Post Stunning ‘HPV Cure’ Images…Says Don’t Use Vaccine

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I apologize if the images below offend anyone, it is certainly not the intention. This is a post by Midwife Judy Kaplan, who claims on Facebook that she does not deny all vaccines, but she does feel the HPV vaccine is dangerous. She also offers a cure, and post graphic results pictures.

She says she used Escharotic treatments and avoided LEEP surgery. LEEP is considered the preferred method because it is not considered overly expensive and it doesn’t use anesthesia. Escharotics are corrosive salves.

According to Science-Based Medicine.

The “natural” escharotic treatment alternative for cervical dysplasia involves applying a solution of bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) and zinc chloride. They claim that the solution selectively kills abnormal cells of the cervix while leaving healthy cells unaffected.

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That article continues on by saying that the claim is utterly “false.” However, Midwife Kaplan claims she has proof that it does work. And the proof seems to be in the graphic pictures. Kaplan does have a business involving the treatments which should be taken into account before reading. Obviously, the mainstream medical community is incredibly opposed to Escharotic treatments, which should also be taken into account.


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