Nevada Health Officials Announce Vaccinated Flu Death Numbers

nevada flu deaths
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The flu’s media hype has most certainly died down, at least some. Maybe that’s because more and more, the flu shot has been shown to be, at the very least, ineffective.

Case and point: Nevada’s 57 flu deaths.

Health officials have released information citing that almost 23% of all of those deaths happened to vaccinated people. Yes, this means people who got the flu shot eventually went on to get the flu and die from it. Southern Nevada Health District officials said that most of the victims were older than 65 and six were under the age of 50.

News stories such as this one certainly cast doubt over whether or not a flu shot is worth receiving. More and more people are seeing the light and realizing that flu shots aren’t that effective. However, workplace bullying over flu shots continues to be a major issue in this country. Hopefully, we can get to a place where people accept other people’s right to choose their own medical slate.

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