New Flu Shot Stats Show Media Blitz May Be Failing

flu shot survey

There is now more bad news for this year’s embattled flu shot. This morning, all the major news networks are reporting on a survey from NORC at the University of Chicago that shows the latest statistics for adults who plan to get a flu shot.

The survey was performed in mid-November at the height of a flu shot media frenzy. But it appears the constant barrage of news pushing for people to get flu shots is failing. The survey says that 41 percent of adults aren’t flu shot vaccinated and don’t plan to change that status.

The media’s core flu shot messaging has been the CDC’s rhetoric saying that last year record numbers of people died from the flu. In 2017, according to the CDC, 80,000 died as a result of the flu. Likely, this was thought to boost flu shot numbers, but it seems to be having either no effect or an opposite effect. Critics of the CDC’s statistics claim that the process of flu diagnosis has become extremely loose.

The CDC says that those who got a flu shot in the past two years lowered their chances of getting the flu by 40 percent.

The contentious battle to get all Americans flu vaccinated has caused protests in places like St. Louis, where a nurse who applied for a religious exemption was recently fired for declining the shot.

Corporate offices around the country are pressuring employees to comply with accepting a flu shot. But the pressure by both media and corporate entities might be serving to work against their greater goal of increased flu shot recipients. Today’s stats are likely more condemnation of the extreme pressure and sometimes harassment.

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  1. Help fight against flu shots, the affects are a lot worse from the shot many times over. We are not there mive to experiment on

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