New Mega-Vaccine Could Contain 11 Vaccines In One Dose

mega vaccine

Aside from a polarized public sentiment towards vaccines, the vaccine industry at large has always had other obstacles. One of the main obstacles is children fearing shots. And further more, parents getting their child one vaccine and then later deciding to pass for a variety of reasons. Now, vaccine makers want to stuff all their vaccines into one shot. And yes, this means boosters as well. Vaccine makers believe that they can create a super vaccine that contains all the essential vaccines, including timed release boosters.

A team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology believes that a microparticle could potentially contain all the vaccines. The particles are being described as miniature coffee cups, each cup being a series of vaccines. The cups will be designed to release their contents at specific times, allowing for boosters. The researchers believe that the particles can last for hundreds of days.

According to, it would have a “significant impact” on the world.

“For the first time, we can create a library of tiny, encased vaccine particles, each programmed to release at a precise, predictable time, so that people could potentially receive a single injection that, in effect, would have multiple boosters already built into it.

“This could have a significant impact on patients everywhere, especially in the developing world.”

No, this has not been tested on humans, only mice.

What on earth could go wrong?

If someone has a bad reaction to this mega-vaccine, would we be able to figure out which “coffee cup” was the cause? Maybe more importantly, would anyone care?

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