New Study Confirms That Mercury Is Linked to Autism

It’s being called “metabolic brain disease” and a group of nine scientists, all top of their class in Egyptian universities, are claiming that it effects 1 in every 50 children in the United States. The cause? Mercury in vaccines.

The article was published in the journal Metabolic Brain Disease confirms that there is at least a casual role between autism and mercury.

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The scientists used 100 children, 40 had autism and 40 did not. The other 20 were relatives of the children who had autism, but they themselves did not have autism. Measurements of urinary excretion of organic compounds called porphyrins were used to determine the relationship between the autism and the mercury. Measurements of mercury and lead content in the blood were also taken.

In the first study, A biomarker of mercury body-burden correlated with diagnostic domain specific clinical symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. Geier et al. (2009, J Toxicol Environ Health A 72:1585) also correlated urinary porphyrins to autism severity in a blind study using the childhood autism rating scale (CARS). In another study, by Mostafa et al., published in Metabolic Brain Disease in June 2016, researchers measured levels of neurokinin A and B – pro-inflammatory neuro peptides and concluded similarly, that mercury and autism have more than a casual relationship. The 2016 Metabolic Brain Disease studies are of huge importance in terms of relevance and science. This strongly confirms the link that the CDC and United States government continue to deny.

Until we, as a society, at the very least, accept the idea that this might be true, we can never discover a cure or increase vaccine safety. Instead, we are living in a society that more and more accepts autism as the “new normal” and does little to generate buzz over finding a cure. When was the last time there was an autism cure campaign in your community? Unlike cancers, the autism spectrum is being pushed as normal so that we turn a blind eye to the growing tragedy.

With Donald Trump in office, we hope that his new vaccine safety committee strongly looks into this and forces government agencies to step back and stop protecting pharmaceutical companies. Sadly, we now rely on foreign medical entities for our unbiased research over the matter.

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