New Vaccine Laws Allow Schools To Reject Vaccine Exemptions

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In Australia, the mandatory vaccination situation is harsh, provocative, and highly contentious. Australia’s ‘no jab, no pay,’ notoriously stripped government welfare from people who have chosen not to vaccinate their children. The concept is simple: starve out people for long enough and they will opt to get their kids an MMR shot.

But not all parents are on government welfare. The country still fights a large swath of people who reject vaccines. Australia has mandatory vaccinations in schools, but many parents are able to get vaccine exemption notes from their doctors. However, Australia now wants to crack down on even the doctor notes, as crazy as that may sound. The government is calling it “doctor shopping” and under ‘no jab, no pay,’ that’s soon to be a rejected form of exemption.

According to

Parents will be prevented from “doctor shopping” for exemptions to vaccine shots for their kindy-aged children under new No Jab No Play laws set to be introduced in WA.

Letters from doctors excusing children from immunisation will be rejected under the new rules.

Instead, childcare and early education centres will only accept immunisation history statements from the Australian Immunisation Register as proof of any medical exemption.

Exemptions would only apply to children with proven natural immunity or a medical contraindication to a vaccine, such as a life-threatening allergic reaction or an impaired immune system.

Cook later goes on to state that “Mandatory immunisations will be of benefit to our children.”

The environment is Australia is slowly but surely inching towards a totalitarian state. Unfortunately, the people are too blinded by their liberalism ideals to see through it. Oh, and they are unarmed, which is rather convenient when you think about it. They almost have no chance at a revolution.

Photo by torres21

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