100’s Of Vaccine Attorney’s Clients Being Forced To Disclose Files in North Carolina


The North Carolina State Bar is suing the nation’s leading Vaccine Rights Attorney, Alan Phillips, J.D., demanding the private files of 100’s of Phillips’ clients from across the nation, so they can engage in an unlawful “fishing expedition” (dig around to see if they can find a problem). Yet, the Bar is not even accusing Phillips of any specific wrongdoing.

Phillips is the author of the essential book for parents, The Authoritative Guide To Vaccine Legal Exemptions.

Moreover, Phillips has proof that that NC Bar attorneys invented facts and law to build a case against him to take his license, and he needs your help to expose the corruption. This affects everyone in the Vaccine Awareness Movement, so please read on!

Alan Phillips is the nation’s only attorney who works with clients, attorneys, legislators and activists nationally concerning vaccine exemptions in all of the exemption categories: birth, daycare, school, college, employment, military, immigration, child custody disputes, intn’l travel, etc. North Carolina is “Vaccine Central” to the pharmaceutical industry. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going on here, folks!

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UPDATE Nov 11, 2018:

In recent weeks, a Client Group of about 270 of Phillips’ former clients from around the country have sought legal representation as a group, to intervene in the NC Bar’s lawsuit against Phillips. They do *not* want their private client files be turned over to the NC State Bar. If state officials can dig through client files for no specific reason, then no client’s files are safe!

Meanwhile, Phillips had to fire his attorney. The attorney didn’t disagree with Phillips that the real issue is misconduct by NC State Bar attorneys, he just refused to address it (presumably, to protect himself). So, Phillips and the Client Group are now both looking for representation. So far, NC attorneys are either afraid to challenge the Bar or their firm won’t let them take the case. Protecting themselves is understandable, but that’s also what allows the corruption to take root and flourish, making it all the harder for others to clean up the mess later.

The NC Bar keeps waffling. First, they demanded a court hearing right after initiating the lawsuit in May 2018. Now they want “discovery”–answers to questions, documents, etc. (so they can make up facts and law to use against Phillips like they did before with Phillips and others). However, Phillips is objecting to discovery due to the blatant conflict of interest. The Bar attorneys can’t lawfully prosecute a case against Phillips when Phillips, and several organizations around the country, have filed complaints against the NC Bar attorneys concerning matters related to the lawsuit, and those complaints have never been properly addressed. So, Phillips will ask the court to order the Bar to get outside counsel to address the conflict of interest. A hearing on that request could be later this month or in sometime in December. The court must either order the Bar to get outside counsel or ignore the conflict. So far, the Bar has illegally suppressed the complaints against its own attorneys; more on that soon…

Meanwhile, the solution is to put a spotlight on the corruption, and we need your help! We must multiply Petition numbers! Millions of Americans are concerned about vaccines, but very few have signed the petition. Please sign the petition, and share the links below to encourage everyone who supports the right to vaccine informed choice to sign the petition, too. The petitions demand that complaints against the Bar be investigated–that the Bar be prevented from putting itself about the law by suppressing those complaints. Then, stay tuned, there’s more to come as this illegal lawsuit plays out, and your help will be needed again.

SUPPORT Alan Phillip’s Defense
a) Vaccine Rights Attorney Legal Defense Fund  https://www.gofundme.com/vax-rights-atty-legal-defense-fund

b) Sign the petition and share this link  https://www.change.org/p/no-attorney-is-above-the-law 

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4 Comments on "100’s Of Vaccine Attorney’s Clients Being Forced To Disclose Files in North Carolina"

  1. What happened to attorney client privilege? The HIPA LAWS which protects our medical records totally.

    • Joanna, this is the brutal truth about the justice system and it’s happening all across the land, even in Washington DC, when President Trump’s private attorney’s office was broken into and records stolen to be used against the POTUS. We hope our rights will be defended in the future.

  2. I would like to sign the petition, but I didn’t see it.

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