Pennsylvania Schools Now Making Parents Present Vaccine Papers In…

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A new Pennsylvania requirement for parents to present their children’s vaccine papers to the public school system will abruptly kick any children out who lack documentation. A five-day window for presentation of documents will now be implemented.

I’d say this will likely mean a lot of children will be sent home.

According to Penn Live:

In Pennsylvania schools this year, a major due date will rear up almost immediately: students will have only five days to prove they have the state-required vaccines. Students who still lack vaccines after day five can be required to stay home.

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The change takes effect in August, when most Pennsylvania schools begin the 2017-2018 school year. It applies to both public and private schools. It mostly affects students entering kindergarten and 7th and 12th grades — the points at which schools typically check to make sure students are up to date on vaccines.

This will no doubt serve as a harsh reminder as to the state of affairs regarding the vaccine wars. For many parents, they simply can’t afford to stay at home to teach their children. Additionally, the harsh new requirement makes it almost impossible for parents who are even just considering the options.

At some point, children may be forced to wear microchips that quickly provide medical records.

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  1. Microchip embedded and required: Mark of the beast.

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