Philippines Accuses Vaccine Maker Of ‘Mental Dishonesty’

Photo by Agência Brasília

The vaccine maker warned health officials in the Philippines that their Dengvaxia shot might cause health issues, which prompted the country to remove the vaccines from their shelves. But this wasn’t until after over 700,000 school children were given the shot. After banning the vaccine nationwide, Sanofi, who makes and distributes Dengvaxia, contended that the Philippines pulled the vaccine too abruptly.

During the interview, Health Secretary Francisco Duque said that there “seems to be an element of mental dishonesty” involving Sanofi, the maker of the Dengue fever vaccine that’s at the center of the controversy.

Duque wants to get reimbursed for the expenditures on the vaccines and plans to file a legal claim against Sanofi. This all stems from the Philippines $70 million vaccination program which they began last year. Duque blatantly stated that “eventually” the Philippines will sue Sanofi. A costly refund and a potential lawsuit could be costly for the massive drugmaker, but nothing it wouldn’t likely survive. However, the bad press over the vaccines has caused many staunchly pro-vaccine groups to experience a sense of discomfort over the mainstream condemnation involving the vaccine maker distributing potentially bad vaccines.

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2 Comments on "Philippines Accuses Vaccine Maker Of ‘Mental Dishonesty’"

  1. tony villar | 12/16/2017 at 1:41 am | Reply

    Corruption at the highest levels in Philippines, both public and private sectors.
    The president of the Republic acting as an agent of Sanofi.

    only in the Philippines????

  2. CATRYNA WHITE | 12/15/2017 at 5:53 pm | Reply

    I hope this lawsuit destroys these bastards.

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