Washington Declares Measles State Of Emergency

portland measles

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has declared a measles emergency, casting blame on unvaccinated children. State officials claim that they have 23 confirmed measles cases on file as of January 22nd. The area of concern is just north of Portland.

Officials also claim that cases have “doubled” since the week prior.

According to state records, almost eight percent of children were exempt from standard vaccines during the 2017-18 school year. Most were medical exemptions, but there were about 7% holding personal or religious exemptions. This puts the area below the “94% safe zone” for vaccinated kids; hence, the public health emergency declaration.

Health officials have compiled a list of unsafe places where people may have been exposed. They include churches, Dollar Tree stores, portions of the Portland airport, where the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers play.


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8 Comments on "Washington Declares Measles State Of Emergency"

  1. Such a declaration is either insane or insidiously evil Machiavellian manipulation,no other word can honestly describe it.
    23 cases of measles is a matter for panic? Aw come on they’re ridiculous!
    Blaming the 6% unvaccinated is even more evil. Danger to the 94% who are vaccinated is even more so!!!
    It also proves the lie that vaccinations provide immunity, because IF the believe their own story that vaccination provides assured immunity then te vaccinated should ave nothing to worry about.

  2. This is ridiculous. These people are using fear porn to separate people and have them hating and arguing with each other! Dint fall for their tricks. These people don’t make money off of healthy people. Remember that.

    You don’t even have to research for yourself anymore the facts are there they are just deeper than most go they are hiding at the bottom of your news feed or 5 pages back on your Google search just dig and the research had already been done for you ! There is no excuse to be uninformed these days so use this tech to your advantage and do some thinking don’t just take something because a doctor or scientist said it was good for you . find out before you pit their drugs in YOUR body! Please

    May God have mercy on our souls!

  3. I agree life time immunity with A very strong immune system
    Bring back the measles parties they solved the problem
    Also as the virus passes. Through the community it becomes weaker
    The problems with vaccinations they can cause many
    Problems not the least anaphylaxis this can be deadly
    Remove the legal privileges from the vaccination
    Companies and also the government and we shall see
    How keen they are to push this agenda

  4. Recently I saw the dust map of the fifties nuke testing in the USA and it drifted over Southern Ontario where we were living in about 57. I had to throw out school pictures at that time I had a severe red rash around ears and nose like I had acne [at the age of ten]. That spring I had raked up an accumulation of very dusty leaves and dead grass trying to clean up around out rented cabin at Wasaga Beach and my mom [a nurse] made me stay in a darkened room for a few days as she assumed I had “Measles” and might develop blindness as a result. After all these years I put two and two together and checked out when SPIKES in measles occurred and confirmed it corresponded to the times AFTER the Chernobyl and Fukushima events for Canada. [It seems that the virus is usually found in the environment but gets to manifest from the weakening effect on the immune system?]

    ALSO glyphosate may not be toxic to the point it “causes” cancer but it DOES accelerate FUNGUS growth and that IS a problem. Unfortunately just recently our problematic and compromised Canadian Dept. of Health endorsed Round-Up with saying it’s “not a cause of cancer” bypassing real problems with it.

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