Professor Develops Vaccine for Acne

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Acne is a typical teenager’s worst nightmare. And for many teens, there aren’t a lot of solutions other than trying to eat a better diet and hoping for the best. The Acne “cure” market is enormous. Both teens and adults buy up products claiming to resolve the issue of acne like crazy.

And now we can welcome vaccine makers into the picture, who are now claiming they can stop acne with a vaccine.

Professor Eric Huang, PhD, at the Department of Dermatology at the school has developed an acne vaccine he said can cure the disease.

“This is the first vaccine for human beauty,” Huang told NBC 7 during a phone interview. “I think this vaccine has a huge market in the whole world.”

Huang has been vying to produce this vaccine for years at UC San Diego.

He claims that his acne vaccine can neutralize at CAMP factor. He explained the cause of acne being that an overgrowth of P.acnes bacteria inside an acne lesion can cause inflammation when the bacterium releases a toxin called Christie-Atkins-Munch-Peterson (CAMP) factor.

He says he’s tested it on mice, so it’s good to go.

“We are doing clinical trials but it’s very, very small-scale,” he told NBC 7.

 Yes, it cured mice acne, so let’s rush it through and start vaccinating the youth!
If you think this is satire, you are wrong. All sources above are legitimate. This is just the cold reality of our big pharma driven world. Vaccines are a cash-cow.

Photo by Caitlinator

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4 Comments on "Professor Develops Vaccine for Acne"

  1. This vax will get rid of acne but produces desire for sex change, mongoloidism, liver damage and ingrown toenails.

  2. This is probably the only vaccine I will approve of if it works for severe acne. Nothing is more devastating than a person’s skin becoming scarred by it.

    If it works, and as long as it is not made compulsory, then those with acne should take it because causing damage to your insides is worth protecting the appearance of your face.

    • How about going wheat, dairy, and sugar-free for three weeks first? What if this vaccine attaches the microbiome? Untold consequences can occur to have a blemish-free face.

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