Queensland Childcare Centres To Start Rejecting Unvaccinated Children

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Queensland childcare centres will now be able to reject children who aren’t vaccinated. This will fall under the “no jab, no play” law that has now recieved bipartisan support. The major parties all felt that this legislation would “put the safety of the child first.”

According to Brisbane Times.

A bill Labor put forward while in Opposition was rejected, as it did not allow much room for conscientious objectors. The LNP meanwhile, said it wanted to review how no jab, no play rules were introduced in New South Wales before moving forward. But the legislation Mr Dick put forward found a compromise, by allowing child care centres to exclude non-vaccinated children, without forcing child care centres to mandate the rule.

The bill aims for 95 per cent herd immunity. Currently, about 91.5 per cent of children aged five and under are fully immunised, leaving Queensland 35,000 children short of its target.

Clearly, the way to make this percentage rise is to hold hostage your people through Government legislation and force the matter on them. 10 percent of the people can’t be this incredibly wrong. What’s ridiculous is that Governments around the world, alongside Pharmaceutical companies, are even more enabled by this invalidated “herd immunity” number which more often than not, sounds like a sales goal. It’s the end goal for a marketing campaign. The highest seller gets a trip to Sandals resort. Enjoy.

Australia has parts that the vaccination rates are “comparable to third world countries,” according to the article. This paints the picture of a “crucial health priority.” The media’s spin on this matter makes it seem as if Australia is entering an apocalyptic phase.

The legislation is expected to be fully implemented by the next school year.

image credit: fotolia


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