San Diego ‘Massive Flu Outbreak Kills 34’

San Diego is claiming that at least 34 persons have passed away due to a flu outbreak in the region. These numbers have quadrupled in only one week’s worth of time. One of them was a one-year-old child.

San Diego health officials claim that “mobs” of people are filling emergency rooms creating a situation “worse than the 2009 H1N1 virus.”

“I think we’ve already surpassed what we thought was busy in 2009,” said Michelle Gunnett to the San Diego Tribune. Gunnett is the director of emergency services at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, which set up a special flu tent just outside its emergency department entrance over the weekend.

Last week, 3,334 flu cases were reported in the area. The week prior reported 2,338 cases.

“The spike in deaths is alarming and further evidence that we should take a hard look at how this is impacting the region,” Jacob said. “I want to know more about our response and if an emergency declaration is needed, which is why I asked to hear from our public health officials at the Board of Supervisors meeting next Tuesday.”

“At this point, given the flu season we’ve had overall, we would advise that, yes, people should avoid contact where possible,” Dr. Sayone Thihalolipavan said.

Mass hysteria created to advertise failed flu shots or massive cases of flu derived from failed flu shots?

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