Strange Virus Mystifies Doctors In Ohio Area

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If you live in the Ohio region, you might have recently felt your allergies take it up to another level. However, it may not have been allergies at all. The Tri-State is suffering from a nasty virus that often seems, at the time, like allergy symptoms. And it is causing many people to get the incorrect treatments.

It seems to be a virus that’s mutated, or a new strain, which people do not have a resistance to.

According to Cincinnati’s Local12

Dr. Scott Woods said a respiratory virus also hit hard too.

“There must have been a new strain. Most of us didn’t have a lot of resistance to.”

Dr. Woods said dozens of patients came in thinking they had allergies the last few weeks when it was likely the newer virus. Or they may have had both.

Separating symptoms is critical to getting the right treatment.

Allergies usually start with sneezing and itching, while a virus hits quickly, often with a fever.

“Respiratory viruses, like that one, will usually spread through families; spread through employment areas very rapidly. A sign it’s more contagious and infectious,” said Woods.

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