Teen Girl Dies In Sleep After HPV Vaccine

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Jasmin Soriat, 19, began showing evidence of neurological disorder shortly after receiving a shot of Gardasil. It was her second round of the vaccine. Weeks later, Soriat died in her sleep. The student from Vienna officially died of respiratory failure just a few weeks following that second shot, but her neurological symptoms were persistent almost immediately following the shot.

A pathologist responsible for examining her body says that the vaccine “could have been the cause.” Soriat’s passing comes on the heels of a new documentary aimed at showing the alleged harm this vaccine has done to girls worldwide. Many girls often end up developing developing chronic fatigue syndrome, according to the documentary.

According to Daily Mail

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The family of British teenager Ruby Shallom from Bracknell, Berkshire, also claim she was left paralysed in three limbs after having the HPV jab.

She also appears in the documentary and reveals: ‘The only limb that works now is my left arm… I still go out and see my friends but the pain and fatigue makes it hard.’

However health officials across the globe have always strongly denied there are such devastating effects and say there is not enough evidence.

The jab is given to adolescents because the HPV virus is said to cause certain cancers – and almost all cervical forms of the disease.

But other experts have branded the vaccination ‘useless’ and argue there is no proven link between the sexually-transmitted virus and cancer.




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