Pro-Vaccine Teen Speaks to the US Senate

by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

Ethan Lindenberger, the 18-year-old self-taught pro-vaccine darling of the vaccine industry, has been invited to testify at a Senate hearing on Tuesday, March 5. He is supposedly going to advocate for the elimination of vaccine exemptions so more people “don’t die of measles.” That might seem to be an admirable premise, except the death rate from measles has been only 1-2 per million since 1963.

Only five people are being allowed to testify at the hearing. Not one single physician, scientist, or medical freedom representative has been given the opportunity to speak in support of vaccine exemptions and to educate the committee on the risks of vaccine mandates. Even Robert F Kennedy Jr. and the National Vaccine Information Center representatives have been denied a seat at the table.

We have confirmation that Ethan’s flight and his five-star accommodations have been paid for. It is our understanding that someone has written his speech for him, or at least seriously coached him. We have also learned that he will be met at the airport by a staff member from the Senate HELP committee and a representative from the “Every Child by Two” pro-vaccine lobbying group.

No Interest in Learning

A few weeks ago, Stephanie Stock, the President of the Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom (, did an interview with Ethan and his mother after Jill reached out to OhioAMF for help. Ms. Stock made arrangments for Ethan to review science documenting problems associated with vaccines, including articles and interviews by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, myself and several others.  He adamantly refused, claiming the information wasn’t valid.

Two Saturdays ago, Stephanie and I met with his mom for three hours. She was quite upset over how pharma is using her son as “a tool” to remove our fundamental rights. She stated, “I can’t seem to reach him. He won’t hear me and I can’t out-argue him.” The sensationalism around his story has created such a significant divide in her relationship with her son, Ethan moved in with his father who, according to Ethan’s Reddit post, “doesn’t care too much” about his choice to get vaccinated.

Jill told me that Ethan “worked hard” to set up a debate team at his high school. She stated he is “nearly swooning” from all media attention. He has had more than 70 national and international interviews over the last few weeks since deciding to go against his mother’s protests and be vaccinated, declaring he could make his own decisions now that he is 18.

According to his mother, Ethan is quite active in his local church where there are parishioners who have vaccine-injured kids. His pastor has apparently tried to reason with him but without much success. It wasn’t until his mom mentioned that vaccines contain cells of aborted fetal tissue that he was at least momentarily stopped in his tracks. He didn’t believe it and said it wasn’t true.

[Guess what Ethan? They ARE in vaccines.]

But then he rationalized his pro-vaccine convictions to his mom by concluding a “small amount” of cells from aborted children was ok, because the vaccines are “for the greater good.” Apparently, he didn’t bother to investigate all of the products that contain cells from dead babies.

Ethan seems to have an enormous ego.  He thinks that by advocating to vaccinate, he is preventing deaths from infection, not causing injuries. He is convinced that the vaccine-injured community represents only a small number of children, and if someone is seriously injured or dies, they have simply “taken one for the team.” [my words, not his].

It’s obvious to nearly everyone but Ethan that he is being used by Vaccine Pharma. For example, he has been invited to participate on a panel at the Ohio American Academy of Pediatrics meeting this fall.

Why is this not blatant exploitation of a teenager?

Future Remorse?

Every person over 40 years of age can look back at when they were a teen or in their early 20s and recall a few things we would have done differently if we had had more life experience. Some of those memories may even make us cringe. As a physician, if additional vaccine mandates are signed into law thanks in part to his performance, I fear that Ethan will be forced to later grapple with these consequences:

  • the permanent loss of personal rights;
  • knowing that hundreds, if not thousands, of the lives were destroyed by vaccine reactions;
  • contributing to the divide between children and their parents;
  • resultant widespread infertility in couples;
  • the ongoing injection of human fetal cells into another baby human;
  • being played by the wealthiest, most controlling industry in the world.

This Senate hearing will be a spectacle. It has nothing to do with “science” and everything to do with a power grab. If all 17 vaccines in the current pediatric schedule can be FORCED into children today, isn’t this an open door to force each person to take every vaccine that is approved in the future?

Sadly, Ethan seems to have no concept that he is a pharma flash-in-the-pan; he falsely believes he’s a hero for his generation. But news cycles are short, and as soon as this has played out, his moment of fame will be over, and his moment of truth will begin.

They will spit him out and move on.

However, there are vaccine-risk-aware teens who are ready to come forward to challenge this pharma-driven plan, a plan that will divide parents and children and will strip young people of their future right to refuse. When directly faced by educated – and even injured – peers, perhaps Ethan will begin to grasp that what he is doing is wrong – wrong for individuals, wrong for the future of America, and wrong for humanity – and he has been played.

OAMF's Uncut Discussion with Both Ethan Lindenberger & Jill Wheeler

There's been critics on both sides of the debate. But one thing is certain, big-pharma friendly media has been going wild over the opportunity to use this story to advance their anti vaccine-choice agenda.Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom offered both Ethan Lindenberger, Ohio teen and now an Ohio AAP spokesperson, and his vaccine risk aware mother, Jill Wheeler, an opportunity to go on the record in uncut interviews with OAMF President, Stephanie Stock.

Posted by Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom on Saturday, February 16, 2019

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  1. Adds an intriguing argument to this national discussion:

    AAPS’s Statement on Federal Vaccine Mandates

  2. Good for him. He is a smart boy.

  3. I would be willing to help gather names of people on different committees – as I already have the names and numbers of the HELP subcommittee.

  4. Kim Jaenen | 03/05/2019 at 8:49 am | Reply

    Just throwing this out there. It’s my gut feeling that powers recruit these vulnerable children then create a opportunity to conduct Ultra Mind Control on them then place these kids in the lions den. I get this same thought when I hear about school shootings! Innocents or ignorance?
    No matter which way this goes, society’s forward will carry the burden of No Choice! We must always have choice! If we don’t we will have Communism. Is that where we are headed?

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