The Most Absurd Reasons for Sudden Deaths

On January 10, in one day alone, there were four new sudden deaths, and those were just the ones that were reported. A New York Times reporter died. An Air Force Academy football player died walking down the hall on his way to class. A Las Vegas high school student had a heart attack at school, and another high school student in Ohio also dropped dead of a heart attack.

What could be the cause? Certainly not the jab, or the blood clots or myocarditis caused by the jab. No, not at all. The mainstream media would have us believe there are other causes, like solar storms and taking Tylenol with salt (you know, I always take my Tylenol with salt, like a tequila shot, but it’s Tylenol). I recently read a list of 25 things that cause heart attacks (credit to Robyn Openshaw on Telegram for that original list.) None of them were made up. None of them. Drinking tea was on the list, as was joy from doing well on a test. Who knew that tea and tests cause heart attacks? Well, thankfully, now we do. They really think we are stupid. Here are some of the real doozies from Robyn’s list.

Climate change

Cold weather, hot weather and humid weather can cause a heart attack. Didn’t you know? A team in Munich, Germany studied this: “The individual heart attacks were compared against meteorological data on the day of the attack and adjusted for a range of additional factors, such as the day of the week and socioeconomic status.”


These researchers blame global warming for the increase in heart attacks, but with sentences like this one, all I can say is “really”? “Individuals with diabetes or hyperlipidemia were particularly at risk.” Well, duh. Only extreme heat is to blame, but not extreme cold.

The American Heart Association says that more heart attacks occur during Christmas week than at any other time during the year. Cold weather is certainly a culprit, given that cold temperatures lead to restricted blood flow. Mainly, however, holidays are stressful, with too little sleep and overindulgence in food and drink. In published studies, 33 percent more heart attacks occur in December and January, compared with June to September, in Los Angeles County. Another published study shows increased heart attacks in New Zealand, and December is during the summer season there. It is about stress, and has nothing to do with climate change.

Vice Magazine takes the cake on climate change with this article, “Scientists Studying Temperature at Which Humans Spontaneously Die With Increasing Urgency”. And it’s happening more than ever!!! Next we will be spontaneously combusting. The timing on this article is interesting — released July 2021, just a few months after the COVID jab releases when we started to see adverse events.

Traffic noise

It must be really noisy in Denmark because there are several studies about how transportation noise may induce cardiovascular disease. Again, the sentences! Like this one: Long-term exposure to road, railway, and aircraft noise, as well as air pollution, was estimated.” OK, are you studying noise or air pollution? In a 132,000 patient cohort, around 7,500 cases of heart attack were identified. There is not in-depth discussion about methodology, mind you, but sentences like this are emphatically stated: “Increased risks were observed for aircraft noise but without clear exposure-response relations.” Ummmm, ok.

Highly reactive chemical in the Earth’s atmosphere

In late 2022, scientists found a new ‘highly reactive’ chemical in the Earth’s atmosphere. Immediately, this chemical was attributed not only to global warming, but also to respiratory and heart disease. The chemicals are called trioxides and are formed under certain atmospheric conditions. Apparently, they’re very reactive, and scientists say they are “most likely to bring a host of effects we have yet to uncover.” Yes, the key part here is “yet to uncover.” Certainly, in the future these scientists may find a connection to heart attacks, but if the trioxides are just discovered, there is absolutely no way they could be properly tested for that correlation. It is interesting that this article came out at the height of the “died suddenly” syndrome. This is a great example of how the media is trying to brainwash people by creating associations that don’t exist.

Setting your clock forward an hour

Daylight savings time is the devil. Researchers have found that moving the clock forward one hour significantly raises heart attack risk. The study was conducted in Britain and it was reported that hospital admissions increased after clocks were set back and people lost an hour of sleep. Sleep disturbances can last for weeks. The researchers expressed concern for the “more than a million people in Britain with heart conditions.”  Loss of sleep increased hospital admissions for atrial fibrillation which can lead to stroke, and in fact causes 16,000 strokes a year in Britain.

However grueling daylight savings can be on one’s health, it pales in comparison to the jab. Incredibly, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently admitted that the COVID jab is to blame for 2022 being the worst year for excess deaths in the last 50 years. Enough said.


Gardening is also apparently quite dangerous. Did you know that soil pollutants can have a “detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system”. Again, “experts” in Germany are bringing in the climate change agenda, stating that nine million deaths occur each year due to air, water and soil pollution. They go on to state that over half of pollution-related deaths are due to heart issues like strokes and heart attacks. In the soil, pollutants like pesticides, heavy metals and plastics are the culprits. The contaminated soil leads to oxidative stress in the blood vessels which turns into heart disease. These researchers strongly recommend wearing a facemask when gardening to limit these effects.

Again, it might take you a while to die from a gardening-related heart condition, but this long-term phenomena is no explanation for why we are seeing people die suddenly. Last time I checked, gardening did not result in sudden death.

Evil Eggs

Did you know eggs were evil? Me either, but a new study from Cleveland Clinic suggests that eggs may be causing all the heart attacks and clotting we are seeing. The researchers blame choline, a nutrient found in eggs. Choline is an essential dietary supplement, but apparently when taken in high quantities, it increases the risk of blood clots. They say that intestinal bacteria could interact with choline to form a substance that causes platelets to clump together and form a clot. Do they really expect us to believe that eggs are the cause of the off-the-chart all-cause mortality we are seeing?

In conclusion, none of these issues are of glaring concern, and none of them explain why we had four sudden deaths (and likely many more) in ONE day. People have blood clots and myocarditis; the numbers are in epic proportions compared to the past. The mainstream machine – the media, compromised researchers, and all of them – are just mocking us at this point. They really think we’re stupid.

Wake up.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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